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Originally Posted by ice_ears View Post
i saw that a gun ..for example t30's gun has a potential damage of 750 hp but the standard damage of the shell is 563-938..what is the real damage that t30 makes ??
It is impossible to say, what exactly damage will be applied. The numbers that you see are statistical, average.

How the game calculates the damage:
First - there are some random base for each shot. The base is between 563 and 938.
Then - the distance: the more it the distance, the lower is penetration and damage. (Except for HEAT and APCR).
Next - value of penetrated armor. The thicker is armor, the less is damage.
Then it might inflict "Critical damage" and damage or destroy internal structure. This might increase the damage. Some of the internals on damage may start the fire or explode and destroy the tank.

As you see, there are no way to predict the exact value of the damage.

Also, consider the fact, that sometimes it get bounced or just won't penetrate, or damage external module without damage to HP, and you will come to the fact, that actual damage might vary from 0 to "one shot kill".

BTW, explosive shots are applying to the area and might damage several tanks with one shot. This increase resulting number of total inflicted damage.