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DayZ will begin developing as a separate game this autumn

In the interview to the British portal DigitalSpy the creator of the mod DayZ and designer of the multiplayer ARMA II Din "Rocket" Hall announced that the separate game based on this popular mod will be launched this autumn and will be developing according to the model of Minecraft – starting with alfa version and ending with a full-scale release. This means that you can buy the game in its initial state and test it and then when the final release will take place you can play without problems. Another variant is to buy the game after the release or during the testing. Plus another alternative variant logically coming out of the word "Minecraft": you can play at the pirate servers that will be eligible but will lack certain features. In this mode you can play only with the people who also did not buy the game.

There are no definite dates yet but the developers plan to start in September. The estimated price is 10-15$

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