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It is a summer map and is 1000 meters in length. It is divided into three zones:
  • The alley and the railroad (north-west of the map)
  • The center
  • The bank (south-east of the map)
The valley and the railroad are the key parts of the map. Conquering them will open for you the best route to the enemy base.

Heavy tanks
  • Attacking the valley and the railroad. Bushes, rocks and buildings give protection from flanking fire. In case of successful attack, assaulting HTs turn up steps away from the enemy base.
  • Attacking on the bank. The bank is the direction of onslaught for heavily armored tanks. High rock protects from flanking fire, nevertheless the attackers are not protected from frontal fire of TDs and SPGs located at "balconies" placed at the enemy bases.

Medium tanks
  • Support HTs at the valley and the railroad. In the very beginning of the fight, MTs rush to the A2 quadrant as fast as possible and seize the initiative. This allows the allied HTs to come to the hostile part of the map without any taken damage.

Light tanks
  • In case of absence of enemy forces in the center of the map, LTs may attack the enemy base, maneuvering between numerous obstacles. However, you should keep in mind that inevitable loss of speed on your way up to the enemy base will make you an easy target.

Tank destroyers
  • Support the attackers at the valley and the railroad. Positions in the bushes on the pedestals at quadrants E2 and B5-6 are the best to deliver flanking fire to the enemies at the opposite side. That positions also allow to engage hostiles at the center of the map.
  • Support the HTs on the bank. "Balconies" at K4 and D0 allows the TDs to have a clear shot at the bank and any approaching HTs. You can leave this position to destroy the enemies approaching from any other directions.

  • The best arty positions are at K2 and C0. From there, they can fire at HTs engaging on the bank, who are protected by the terrain only from the sides.

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