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Report day 4

Our team's progression in levels -

So, in the morning we've farmed a couple of raid-bosses (and competition for them was quite high), including those for lvl. 20, and from experience we can say that only buff-books have a 100% chance of drop. Sadly, we haven't had any akhium from 20 lvl. raid. :(

After that we've resumed with a bleak leveling-routine. Soon after that we've realised that there's a problem at our hands - equipment. Two starter locations were quested out and for all the troubles we've got 0.0 of equipment. After that we somehow had a feeling of playing in some kind of Mortal Online-game, rather than AA. I was wearing clothes that I had, like, at level 16 and there was no way to get something better. Firstly, there was no more quest-rewarded gear. Secondly, traders were selling things even worse than the ones I was wearing. Thirdly, you cannot actually craft a piece of equipment... you can only craft-modify it. I suppose there's no need to explain how hard all of the raid-bosses were *aped by the Koreans, and it was somehow very sad that during the test, PvP was off in starter locations and there was no way to PK the farmers.

By the way, PvP - it's on in the next location, Ker and Stable gave it a try... and after that there were 8 28th lvl Koreans at their throats.
We've also ripped some tails off from a couple of kittens that got to our continent, btw, one them was in clan with nuance and was farming RB so it seems that you can take anyone you want in the expeditionary force.

There was some fun into it too - our confrontation with Korean testers-clan. Tamala and Whitel have found a big grove of some korean clan and started chopping it down. For some reason, those guys refused to lend a helping hand to our brotherly people and started swearing instead, on some crazy mixture of english-korean language. It was something like "Russians blah-blah-blah fakken men!" (they found out that we're Russians by the title of our clan) and so on... Anyway, we've mooched something around 100-150 of their trees in total. In the most barbarian-like way, too. See, they were planting apple-trees and after they grew they would firstly gather all the apples, and only then cut their trees down. But, as we were in a hurry, we just hacked down everything we saw... so Koreans had to forget about apples and start chopping the trees down too - otherwise they would be left without any lumber at all.

I suppose I should tell you about my experience in Archer-leveling, too. So, there was a moment when I reset the whole build and tried something else... though sometime later I somehow went into Archer tree again and by the time I reached lvl. 22 I was sure I made the right choice. So, at this level you get the skill, that marks the target, making the damage done to it higher, thus increasing overall damage output and adding additional combos - in fact, I am constantly moving around the mob now, still never letting him to get close to me and shoot him dowd with skills. Somehow, I didn't like combos with skills from keling tree - IMO it was somehow inferior to that of archer's, but our other testers liked combining skills.

So, now's the time for some news - earlier this day the Koreans had lvled up to 31 and got to the Northern Continent. It is yet unknown if they managed to capture some territories over there, as bigger ships were not yet built.
And here's a small copy of our clan's hold (the one that's bigger).

So, that's it for now, thanks, till next time ;)

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