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Report day 10

Today we did a lot of raiding. We are continuously farming all 20 lvl RBs and will try lvl 30 a bit later. Lvl 20 RBs take exactly 1 hour to respawn, so we are planning to clear them all tomorrow once or twice. The Koreans have started to complain already, unfortunately we didn't make a screenshot with their "Rosskie go away".

As for the good drops, there were green gloves for a mage and a blue light helmet, our very first blue item.

Little by little, we are working on equipping our team members. Today Serp has received a crafted magic robe.

My new tank, made instead of the archer, is already good at holding RBs' agro and he's got plenty of HP and armor. Tanking is piece of cake but I still need to try tanking lvl 30 RBs.

The plan for tomorrow includes even more active RB farm and crafting of spirit rings for the mages. A naked and a dressed toons are as different as day and night. For example, our previous tank (Kera) had 800-900 armor and 3k HP at 28 lvl, as for me, I have 1600 armor and 5k HP at 32 lvl right now (and I'm not completely dressed). Our difference in levels is not the main reason here, even the low class stuff that we craft is better than quest rewards or items from vendors.

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