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Report day 11

Not much progress in terms of levels, just more of us are closer to 30 now.

Today we decided to spend more time farming RBs but the competition for them is now very, very high and also seasoned with a lot more PVP (not all RBs but still a good deal of them).

A shameless Hariharan trying to farm our RB (sure she didn't get away with it).

And here are our "compatriots" who fell for our lawful loot.

This screenshot speaks for itself I suppose )

Later this tank returned with his friends. There, in the distance our guys are beating the hell out of them while I'm holding the RB ;)

The developers have added a new mechanic: from now on it's impossible to simply throw meat at the boss to kill it; if you come to it with the respawn debuff (uncleanseable) it will stun you (permanently).

After the RB raid we crafted a few +8 Spirit rings (not much but it may come in handy) and went to try lvl 30 RBs.

There were a few times when the Koreans were mere minutes ahead of us.

Lvl 30 RBS take much more time to respawn than lvl 20 so I went to explore BG.

As always, all stood there waiting for the gates to open. Notice that there's no segregation of factions: my team included both cats and hariharan.

There are canons around the arena. They deal good damage but, unlike ship canons, you can't target with them, they always aim at the same spot.

During this test BG I had no lags so I had a good chance to own. In general the PVP looked pretty standard: two crowds standing apart, shooting at each other while melee players use skills to draw single opponents out where those are instantly killed. The skills to the right are revealed depending on your frags, they were called 'kill strikes' in CoD if I remember right.

After the BG there was reward. Our team won, those points to the right are + to Honour (fame), which was introduced in the latest big patch. We have no idea what it is for yet and hope that this Tuesday's update will pour some light upon it.

As I was still obsessed with the idea to farm a lvl 30 RB we went to wait at the respawn point of the Tree, one of the lvl 30 RBs, which drops an item needed to build a ship.

We are few, but roses :)

We had to wait for almost an hour and a half, during which a few Korean gangs came by to flood and leave again. After that time all our people left but me, I stayed to wait for the RB and not in vane. He showed up and we managed to outrun the Koreans.

Take a look at my HP, buffed to the utmost.

The RBs are not friendly by the way. Some of our players had their portals too close, so when the boss appeared and cast a beautiful mass aoe, there were a lot of dead.

Take a look at the back: as the Koreans kept coming I had to start the fight without our main healer and the main part of the raid. Fortunately my mates managed to outheal me and I ate up nearly all the expensive HP pots. The raid hit for 1500-3000.

The Koreans seemed to have got a command not to disturb the Russians. They just swore in the chat but didn't interrupt us.

If you don't evade RB's casts you can get badly stunned, feared (as in the picture) or hit for some 3.5k. The secret is that you need to constantly run around trying to avoid his huge hits or no heal will help. At half HP the boss summoned a minion with some 10k HP which was not good but hopefully our mages quickly got him off of me.

We certainly killed the boss. He dropped that very item for the ship (a log), some money, a buff book (we have tons of them already),...

... a cogwheel (a toy), a C-grade green helmet for a mage (given to Serp), a strength enchantement stone, and a statue. Moreover, all the party got 40 honour for the kill. Unfortunately there was no achium cube, not a 100% drop chance either :(

Speaking of the toy and the statue, after such an epic win (the fight was truly an epic one for us as we managed to kill a tough RB before the Koreans) I headed for our home to unload the trophies.

Our little house with a green roof ) BTW only today we found out that we can safely plant trees within a tiny zone around the house (a few meters really) and none will be able to harvest them except the owner.

As it's not good to unload the trophies on the floor I made a small table.

That very statue from the RB is on the table in our house: the trophy count is open :) It's made of gold and looks quite nice, I'm sure it's even more beautiful at higher res.

And here is the toy (cogwheels). It moves, puffs and beats its wings. It's pretty funny.

That seems to be all. On Tuesday they have a maintenance break, so I think we'll meet with Zanzik at Grind.FM. See you on Wednesday ;)

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