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Report day 13

Wednesday, as usual, was not my lucky day: it took me too long to download the patch so I couldn't play properly.
They added new quests (unfortunetely, not locations), of which an interesting one is a one-time quest for achium/honour (not much achium, but still...). The quest is pure grind: first you need to kill 10 mobs, then 20, then 50, then 100 (I almost did the 100 part but the game crashed and I'll have to do that part over again), then 300, as we suppose. This quest took up everyone's time today, it allowed us to craft plenty of stuff: a pair of heavy bracers and a heavy belt, 6 pairs of bracers and belts for mages. Equiped ourselves a bit, so to say.

There are fir trees in the cities to celebrate the New Year and mobs drop different holiday trash (snowmen, gramophones, weapon-like candies, etc.).

Players can throw snowballs at each other; when hit, your opponent will fall on the ground.

And here is the device to make coat-of-arms for the ship sails; unfortunetely we don't have any ink at the moment, nor any idea where to get it.

Quite a good colour palette.

You can put the fir trees from mobs anywhere you like, however they are useless though they look really nice.

The red socks got our attention at once because there was only one sock of the pair in the loot. As you can see, you can hang it at home. I hung it to the table before the server shutdown in hope for the presents

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