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Report day 15

Today Garro was absent, so I went instead of him to check out our garden.

Trees during the night had noticeably grown up and matured, and now for further growth they require more water.

By the way to my pleasant surprise, our fifth tree was found, it stood at the same place near the house!

Once everybody entered the game, we immediately organized a raid on the northern continent to get some water. Today we decided to cheat a few, as our Korean friends do.

If you go to an inaccessible location, the player over time should be thrown out of it, to the place of his binding. So we signed up in a village not far from our garden, and flew to the northern continent.

By the way, you cannot throw off the water to the ship board, therefore, so a person can hold only one barrel of water at a time.

Unfortunately, I have the only one speedboat, so our only sailing device was slow and unwieldy galleon.

We took some water and slowly moved towards the border of the map.

After 5-10 minutes of sailing we arrived to the closed part of the northern continent. Having drifted another 3 minutes, we realized that this feature does not work anymore, and we decided not to waste time in vain and swam back to the southern continent.

On the road we met a solitary rowing boatman and decided to test our guns on him. It was not so easy to hit him, because of our ping. But a precise shot was enough to knock him out of the boat.

The whole operation took us about an hour. We brought six barrels of water, 5 we spent on watering, and one was left to save.

The akhium tree has three states of growth. From the first to the second stage tree grows 6 hours of the real time, from the second to the third – 3 hours. In the first and the second stage of growth the tree requires water, and without it will not grow. The grown plant produces from 1 to 3 akhium powders, in different colors. Water that we left on the preservation in the garden, after 3 hours was gone. So

In general, the plant is very demanding to care, and cultivating a large garden in the south has become very problematic. So it is better to plant them in the north, on the occupied territories.
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On the first day we spent a lot of time trying to make out how to log in and stream videos. But we managed to make our own expedition troop ) by grabbing into our party a Korean guy running by.

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