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T110 – the new American is on the way

T110 – the new American is on the way

Historical reference

The creation of project TS-31 was entrusted to the Chrysler Corporation, the machine in making would be called “tank T110 with a 120-mm gun”. The process of building this tank makes a good example of why the “classic” tank configurations lasted so long.

The original project of T110 was rejected by the military because of its excessive size (it wouldn’t fit in the standard tunnel) and a poorly allocated commander tower, placed on the left. The company suggested another variant – the tower was placed at the center of the body, but, to solve the issue with fitting in the transmission, the driver-mechanic’s place was placed in the combat compartment. The latter was also ill received by the military and the driver’s was returned to the original place. When endorsing the project with the Detroit tank arsenal, the drive layout was decided to be remade into rear-wheeled. Now it was necessary to remove the commander tower altogether to keep the size in check. In addition, according to the order, instead of the AV-1790 engine, they had to use an air-cooled AOI-1490 with the power of 700 HP and the same XTG-500 transmission. The 120-mm T123E1 gun was placed on solid setting. Now there appeared problems with the power unit: it was out of reach. It was decided to make the engine “roll out” on the rails through a large manhole in the body’s rear. But a manhole like that drastically lowered the body’s rigidity.

After all these troubles, Chrysler came up with the fourth variant of the tank. Now the AOI1490 engine and XTG-510 transmission were placed in the rear compartment of the tank, in a classic manner. The length of the body increased, but it would solve most of the problems with the power unit. The 120-mm gun was placed solidly in the mask, providing horizontal firing angles of 15 degrees to the sides and inclination angles of +20 degrees and -10 degrees. Constructing the cannon’s mask proved problematic. It has to be 230mm thick and weigh just under two tons. The body’s forehead sheet and the cabin defense was equal to a 127-mm sheet angled at 60 degrees. The support weapons included a 7,62mm machinegun, that was paired with the cannon and a 12,7-mm machinegun located in the commander tower. The telescopic sight T156 were used for shooting. M16A1 periscopic sight was used as a back-up. The tank commander was able to use the T53 “OPTAR” rangefinder, installed on the top of the cabin. “OPTAR” was an optical rangefinder, used to evaluate the range covered by light impulses. Needless to say that this device, preceding the laser technology, wasn’t very effective and suffered from light dazzles.

The driver’s place was placed in the left side – near the gun. With such driver and gunner placement, the forehead armor had to be made with a lesser angle, so it was required to make it much thicker. This was the main downside of utilizing an immovable cabin instead of a tower.

The next logical step – replacing the cabin with a tower, that was possible while staying in the planned 50-ton limits of the machine. As the result, a classically composed tank was made, in which were utilized many of the already existing units, that was able to be built fairly quickly and cheaply. This tank became the fifth Chrysler’s project. The 120-mm gun was solidly fastened to the tower mask, having the standard 2,15-m epaulet like in the M103 heavy tank. The main difference from the standard composition became the placement of the gunner and the commander to the left of the gun. The team was reduced to four people – one of the loaders was excluded, replaced by a mechanical loader. The “OPTAR” T53 rangefinder was installed on the left side of the tower and could be used by both the gunner and the commander of the tank. Compared to the tower-less variant, the new T110 was providing better firing ability and quicker target hitting. The project had made it to the final stange – it was constructed and shown to the specialists of the Detroit arsenal in the form of a full-sized tank model. However, by that time, the modification project of T43-T43E2 heavy tank was successfully accepted, and that, together with the decision to concentrate the attention on lighter tanks, lead to the end of all works on T110.

The screenshot of Т30, Т110 and ИС-7

Opinions of experienced players

GoHa.Ru: When I was writing an article on this tank back in the summer, it seemed revolutionary. But now it’s definitive features (high rate of fire, small size) don’t seem anything extraordinary, because of the introduction of E-100, announcement of IS-4 being moved into the 10 Tier and the upcoming French AMX-50 68t. Do you think that the American will find its place among the other HT10?

fluke [RED_A]: I see the cannon its main advantage. One shouldn’t be turned off by its small caliber, because the developers will surely find a way to make it viable.
I think it will have all the advantaged of the Patton’s top gun when compared to the competitors – rate of fire and high damage per minute, which, besides the obvious pluses, also makes room for more possible mistakes. If you couldn’t penetrate the armor of T30, you have to wait for a long time to make the next shot and the team loses vital damage output, in the case of this tank, not penetrating armor won’t be as bad.
We shouldn’t forget about its small size, that will make it possible to hide the tank behind small houses and concentrate a larger number of tanks in the rush line.

COLTman [LA]: Of course it will. The practice shows that the developers are able to balance out any machine, no matter what it’s real characteristics were. I think that T110 will be able, to make a good addition to IS-7 as the main tank during clan wars. That’s what can be assumed basing on the released characteristics.

GoHa.Ru: Unlike E-100, that was so well accepted by the masses, despite its quite impressive stats and potential for GM combat, do you think if IS-7 will be dethroned by this new machine?

fluke [RED_A]: It’s very possible, as, basing on the initial evaluation, I don’t see any advantages that IS-7 might have over the future top of the US branch, besides the max speed, which is difficult to make use of. The “seven” is the versatile fighter capable of filling any role, and T110 seems like a machine with similar qualities. It will depend on the dynamic characteristics of the American machine, and if they are not any worse than IS-7’s, then the Soviet tank is likely to get a substitute on the clan battlefields.
As for the defenses, I don’t see it having any advantage in clan wars, IS-7 is easily penetrated, even if it has better armor, it will remain an afterthought during the picking of the setup for a battle.

COLTman [LA]: The main problem of E-100 as a damage dealer is that its gun is unstable, even when shaped charges are being used. Even though it’s found the place on GM, even moving aside the T30 in the setups of many teams. In the case of T110, there are no such problems: we will be getting a compact, fairly quick and mobile tank, with an accurate and, more likely, the quickest gun for its Tier, even though with lower damage, and fine (especially when the American tanks are concerned) armor. So, it’d be more correct to talk not about the total replacement of IS-7, but about the synergy between the two tanks.

GoHa.Ru: Many setups prefer the thick armor of Maus and E-100 to the quickness of “sevens”, also screens and splash protecting arts contribute a great deal to tank’s survivability. How will T110 fare in this regard?

fluke [RED_A]: Hardly. E100 is a very slow machine, and the gun of the “hundred” leaves much to be desired when firing shaped charges, that behave uncontrollably. As for IS-4, I think it won’t blow us away with its dynamic characteristics. These machines need to think of their future after the introduction of T110 :) Also, T30 shouldn’t be disregarded, as it might become very popular in battles.
I see the T110 as a versatile tank for a versatile setup, that can be used in a variety of ways, and that means we will be seeing it battles all the time.

COLTman [LA]: I don’t think the new tank will possess the same armor as it’s 10 Tier counterparts. As we can see, the level of American tank engineering during those times, just wouldn’t allow for creating a machine with the armor similar to, for example, IS-7. However, the released information states that the tank will be much better protected than the current top T30. The tank’s armor will protect it well against the low level cannons, at the same time, the owners of Tier 9-10 cannons won’t have any difficulties penetrating T110’s armor. Maybe the lower protection will be partially compensated by its smaller size, greater speed and maneuverability, good acceleration.

GoHa.Ru: Would you tell us what your clans think about this new machine? Are you going to main this tank now if it’s really as good as it seems?

fluke [RED_A]: Our clan is sure to find a place for this tank, as we’re using IS-7 in great numbers right now, sometimes picking the setup of nothing but “sevens” and artillery. Another universal tank will be really good for our sneaky tactics.

COLTman [LA]: Those who’ve yet to get a T30 in their hangars are now leveling this machine ASAP, readying themselves to the upcoming changes in the US tank branch, expecting it to be widely used in clan wars, more so than T30 is right now. If we’re going to main it or not will be decided by the tank’s stats, but surely, it’s nice to have choice in setups and battles. The new tank might just do the trick.

GoHa.Ru: And then usual question about the looks, what do you think about it?

fluke [RED_A]: The tank is pretty standard and logical in comparison to the other American machines, you can see many borrowed elements. All in all, nothing conceptually original besides the quite pretty machinegun tower. I’d say that this tank looks… tanky.

COLTman [LA]: The tank has all the distinctive characteristics of the post-war American tanks. I think it looks nice and, unlike T30, doesn’t resemble the Frankenstein monster, with all the different parts stitched together somewhere in the backyard of some uncle Tom from Arkansas.

The size of the tank really makes it look like an MT, not an HT

Developer Q&A

GoHa.Ru: As we all know, one of the reasons of T30’s replacement was that it’s playstyle was more like of AT SAU than HT, but that’s what made it different. Will the T110 have something like that, something that will become it’s definitive feature?

Storm: One of such features is its small size, but, unfortunately, the has not been through tuning yet.

GoHa.Ru: The 120mm gun of this tank should have a decent rate of fire, but won’t this ability become less sought for with the implementation of the French HT10? If the players are looking for speed they are likely to pick the French tank, or maybe the cannons of T110 will have another interesting details about them, like high armor penetration?

Storm: As I was saying, the tank is being tuned, so it’s too early to talk about numbers, but the 120mm gun that comes with the machine was developed in late years, so players won’t be disappointed.

GoHa.Ru: What can you tell us about the armor of this machine? Will it be comparable to IS-7?

Storm: All in all, it will be less armored than IS-7, but much better armored than the current US top.

GoHa.Ru: Maybe it will have screen armor? The players really loved it on E-100, the splash protecting arts have increased the tank’s survivability considerably.

Storm: In reality, this tank had no screen armor like E-100, so we’re not going to implement it. Sort of screen will only be present at the mask of the weapon, as it is on other US heavy tanks.

GoHa.Ru: T110 will be another “universal” tank, just like IS-7, do you think it might rival IS-7 in it’s popularity in clan battles?

Storm: It’s hard to tell. Players themselves will decided which tank they like best.

GoHa.Ru: Will it have modules that can be leveled, like E-100? If it will, how will it look for the players that purchase it and already have a T30?

Storm: No, there will be no leveling modules for this tank for sure.

GoHa.Ru: I asked Serb the same question, I will ask you too, how do you like the looks of this machine?

Storm: It looks great. A sturdy little tank.

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Thanks for sharing this forum post with us. I am regular forum post reader and i read your post. You have written it very well and with photos it look more good. I will share your link on my website And please keep posting informative forums. Now, i have saved your link in my website and i will read your forum whenever you post it.

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