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Crowfall videos + open beta (free tests!) info

Shortly, Crowfall is a kind of hybrid between survival, RTS and PvP MMO (with voxel building/destruction and likely strong EVE Online flavor). It might sound as an impossible crossover, but the game already has over $7M of budget and 120 000+ supporters, accumulated since Kickstarter last march. Also, you can play Tetris there!?!

Alpha access is kinda expensive, but there will be open beta (free tests) "this winter", requiring just registration on the site. Here is couple player made test videos, it's all still rather early & small scale. First, a siege with some destruction:

...then noob girl playing with fire and couple Centaurs:

...and then some messy PvP on Ranger (stealth/traps):

Note that the damage is relatively low - it's impossible to burst anyone down, which is done on purpose. The game should have bit slower combat, connected with that RTS feel: with hundreds of "units" (players) per battle/siege and enough time for leaders to decide what to do, including occasional retreats!? This will become even more obvious later, when building structures, politics and economy make it in.

Also, Crowfall will likely have very frequent changes of sex/class/race (account is tied to crow spirit, not the body - so after death, you might have to fly and seek new corpse to possess!?). Good quick intro IMO is it's IGN Wiki ( ), also here's an Imgur album with hundreds of pics and screenshots ( ).
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