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TSW Interview for GoHa.Ru

1 .The users have created many interesting mods for TSW. Is Funcom considering granting them more ability to customize the game, similar to what Bethesda did with Skyrim?
The short answer: no. Modding a single player environment such as Skyrim is a very different proposition to modding the game world of a multiplayer game like The Secret World. Apart from balance, griefing and cheating implications, our tools are run from a centralized Funcom network and therefore aren't easily ported to something that players can just pick up and use. The amount of effort it would take for us to make those tools available to players would be phenomenal.
We will continue to provide as much support as we can for User Interface modding, however.

2. Funcom had launched a successful off-game event before (The Secret War). Are there any plans to host such events in the future and integrate them into in-game activities? (The fight between factions could consist of two frontiers – one inside and one outside the game).
We do have some ideas along these lines, but it is a little early to talk about them.

3. The game possesses an interesting crafting system, but there’s almost nothing to actually craft. What’re Funcom’s thoughts on the subject of expanding the crafting?
We actually have some designs in process for expanding the crafting system in the game. How and when we will roll those out is dependent on our capacity on the code and content side.

4. Is Funcom considering the possibility of implementation of a free PvP zone, where the faction allegiance would be eliminated? (The idea of free PvP is extremely popular inside the MMO community)
We already have 3 zones like this in the game, known as Fight Clubs. The 3 fight clubs can be found in London, New York and Seoul.

5. Will it ever be possible to craft outfits?
Possibly, but it is too early to talk about any plans in regards to that.

6. What’s Funcom planning to do with the faction progression? Right now it’s stagnant and players have lost all interest in it.
I disagree that players have lost all interest in faction progression. Right now it is capped and it is capped because faction rank will play a greater part in some of the systems we are going to introduce over the coming years. The first such system will be Puzzle Raids.

7. The game caters to casual players in terms of in-game rewards (anybody can attain top gear). Are there any plans to implement truly rare and difficult to obtain items? (including those that would require a lot of time investment)
I think you are misrepresenting how easy it is to obtain top gear. It is certainly not something available to casual players and requires a significant amount of time invested in Nightmare dungeons and the New York raid.
We are planning on adding a legendary tier of gear to the game, in fact there are pieces already in the game, but players have yet to figure out how to get it all yet.

8. Сan you tell us any details about bonuses for game veterans, reward them for loyalty? There were a lot of interesting bonuses for veterans in Age of Conan.
Here is a list of some of the veteran rewards that you can expect to see:
· Automatic Item Repair Consumables
· Portable Combat Dummy with Feedback
· Veteran Outfits
· Veteran Pets
· Veteran Titles
· Mission Cooldown Removal Consumables
· Portable Bank/Tradepost/Mail Consumables
· ... and many more to come.

9. During one of the interviews it was mentioned that originally TSW was supposed to have an aiming system similar to a TPS. Why did you choose to discard it?
I wasn't on the project at the time, but my understanding was that during focus tests it became clear that the targeting mode did not work well with the ability system. We have, however, recently added a version of that mode back into the game - if a player pushes "t" they will be placed in reticule targeting mode.

10. Are there any plans for a Russian localization release or subtitles at least?
We have no plans for that at this time.

11. Do you have any plans for further development od chronicals?
The web team would love to continue adding features to the Chronicle, but I am not sure what their plans are currently.

12. Many of our gamers are warried about your restructarization. How it will impact current game manegment.
Obviously moving people between countries will have some impact on development. Things might be slower for a period while we hire for some key positions and get people settled into the new location. Our updates plans, however, have not changed, but we will remain flexible with the dates.

13. How bad for a team was Ragnar Tornquist's leaving? He was one of the main guys behind TSW after all.
I still maintain close contact with Ragnar, so he is available to answer questions about the story and the game whenever needed. There hasn't been a major impact on the team for that reason, we have access to Ragnar when we need him.

14. Why you decided to swith to Buy-to-Play model instead of more popular Free-to-Play? Do you think it was worth it in the end?
There is a certain level of investment that players put into a game that they have purchased, rather than something that they have gotten for free. I feel like Buy-2-play allows you to give more to players than the free-to-play model and it creates a better community. The thing that holds people back from most games is not the client fee, in my opinion, but rather the subscription fee.
The transition has worked out very well for us, and we announced shortly after the move that we saw a 30% increase in overall sales and a server activity boost of more than 400%! More people playing the game is great for the community and the game.

15. Are you planning to expand the game through regular Issues or there is also full expansion in the work?
We will continue to release regular issues and we have no current plans for an expansion pack.

16. Will there be any new social features released any time soon? Like recent theater. Also could you give us a hint on how cities will be expanded in future updates? Maybe you even work on a new city?
We are working on Tokyo which is our first fully urban adventure zone. As for social features, we are releasing a new nightclub in Issue #6.

17. Many players are eagerly awaiting rated PvP arenas. Any plans to add something like this?
No, we currently have no plans to add this.

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