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Report day 3

Fortunately, the server ran smoothly today, and we launched into leveling; the progress of the testers' levels is as follows:

The cap of Korean players is about level 28 now (the first day did get us down in terms of leveling), but essentially Sept and I started to feel this separation from the main crowd: we come to do a quest, but there's nobody there, and locations are quite empty. It's a pity that Serp won't be able to play tomorrow.

Trees are rather tight, but ore is being mined without fail as well as stones, fabric is being stored up slowly. Apparently, we'll have to plant trees purposefully and fell them.

Speaking about leveling, I haven't missed any quest so far, but in contrast to the previous test we level up easily and fast, but I'm a bit disappointed in the archer... archer's skills are not fun at all, the mages look a lot more damaging for the moment.

I hope that tomorrow we'll get into Marianople and try pvp at full; my screenshots are low graphics, it's more comfortable to play like this.

A couple of SS's at high settings (not maxed) and DX9


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