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Oculus Rift and HTC Vive sold next to nothing in July and August

Two months ago, Oculus and HTC Vive finally became easily accessible to buyers, after they become able to overpass supply constraints. It would be fair to assume that opportunity just to buy VR set in shop near your house would boost sales for the kits. However, the reality is different.

The growth of player base for Vive in Steam was just 0,3% for July while it was next to nothing in August. Oculus Rift stands in similar situation – 0,3% for July and 0,1% for August. Only 0,18% of Steam customers got HTC headsets and just 0,10% Facebook’s. And after revelation of how low the sails numbers are, now there are serious concerns about the future of those VR headsets.

Therefore, what are the reasons of such problems for both VR variants?

Well, most obvious problem is the cost. You can’t blame people for not spending $2000 dollars on VR-ready pack, which consists of powerful PC and headsets. However, what do you get for such high price? Instead of playing realistic Battlefield 1 or beautiful Witcher 3, on VR you mostly get either blocky Indy games or small games focused on single gimmick from bigger publishers. Is it really worth the price?
Here comes another huge problem of VR – there are no huge games from major publishers. They are just not interested in creating AAA games for Oculus or Vive. And can you really blame them? Tiny playerbase is not enough to make such games successive from the business point. So VR is stuck in this loop - no players because no games, no games because no players. And let’s not forget about, frankly anti-consumer, problem of exclusives. Though, it seems both companies are working to end that practice.

The last point, which I want to address, is the problem of presentation of VR. You just can’t experience similar things by watching somebody playing in VR. Remember, at first there were so many attempts from YouTubers to make something interesting using VR. Total Biscuit was planning to attach GoPro cameras to make Vive’s room-playground possible to display. But nowadays, except of channels, which are primarily focus on VR, most of content makers are just ignoring it. So VR just lost another way to showcase its games. And what about more usual media? Well what do you see, when somebody makes an article about VR? Bunch of people in strange googles watching around themselves. That’s not the best representation of your innovative product in any way, right? There is no “WOW!” effect, so nobody gets interested from such things.

In my opinion its not HTC Vive and Oculus Rift which are going to make a difference in popularization of VR technology. Its small systems, like Samsung’s Gear VR. Just think about it. You are in a plane with somebody wearing it. You ask that person about it and he lets you check it out. You enjoy it. Even if you are not hardcore gamer. Maybe you liked that feeling of cinema, while you are in plane. And all you need is relatively cheap headset and your smartphone.

What do you think about VR future in general? Do you think that current generation of premium VR headsets are dead on arrival?

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