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Medium Tank Matilda

Medium Tank Matilda
A British tank supplied to the USSR as part of the Lend-Lease program. About 1,084 vehicles were sent to the USSR with some lost at sea during transport to Murmansk.

  • Hit Points: 610
  • Weight/Load limit (t): 27,42/31
  • Engine power (h.p.): 274
  • Speed limit (km/h): 25
  • Traverse speed (deg/sec): 35
  • Hull armor (Front/Sides/Rear, mm): 75/70/55
  • Turret armor (Front/Sides/Rear, mm): 75/75/75
  • Standart shell damage: 83-138
  • Standart shell penetration (mm): 65-108
  • Rate of fire (rounds/min): 18,46
  • Traverse speed (deg/sec): 39
  • View range (m): 400
  • Signal range (m): 650

  • Gun: 76 mm F-96
  • Turret: Matilda
  • Engine: AEC3
  • Suspension: Matilda II
  • Radio: Mk19R

  • 1. Commander
  • 2. Gunner
  • 3. Driver
  • 4. Loader
  • Experience: 0
  • Credits: 0

Full research cost including armament from stock to top configurations
  • Experience: 0
  • Credits: 0

WoT database:
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Tried to play it - no much fun. Matilda either Valentine... Too offten it being pulled in hi level battles, and there can't do anything.
If you want lo level premium tank, I would reccommend germany Light Tank PzKpfw 38H735 (f)
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To me this is an OK tank

To me this is an OK tank. If I had the chance, I would've gotten Ram-II. The main problem is the firepower, it's underpowered. Its HE-shells aren't all useless. They work sometimes if you are against Tier 5 heavy tanks.

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