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Report day 7

Our level progression

This morning started with the activity that has already become traditional – planting trees and then hewing them down. I bought 500 apple trees that we then planted on the island and merrily chopped down.

We’ve organized raid farming pretty well and now we manage to kill several enemies regularly, receiving our share of akhium, taking the lead from the Koreans. We were pleasantly surprised when a light armor for archers had dropped from a level 20 mantis, also, notice the set bonuses that were added in the last big patch. Now, if you’re wearing a matching set, you are granted additional bonuses.

Since we gathered enough resources – had to spend grinding them the whole day, as well as the money, we decided to build ourselves a ship:

However, the hull refused to plant for us, we even decided to make a single wood package, thinking that it might be the missing ingredient. But we were wrong. Having talked with the Koreans, we’ve found out that to plant a hull for a large ship we need:
A special navigational stone, that’s dropped from a level 30 raid boss golem.

A mirror, that’s dropped from a level 30 raid boss elemental.

Special kind of lumber, dropped from level 30 raid boss trees.
These bosses are impossible for us to kill right now.
You can imagine out delight when we were told that, after gathering a whole bunch resources for a whole week.

By the way, the golem charges up some kind of an AoE blast, that’s very difficult to get away from. The Koreans managed to kill it with three parties of 28-30 level characters.


After several failed takes at the golem, we decided to just build a house, so the gathered lumber doesn’t go to waste.

Well, we’re feeling kind of down right now, all our efforts spent to gather the resources and crafting were for naught. Now we need level up and craft better gear, so we can defeat the golem.

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