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Report day 8

We haven’t leveled up much, the most of us are in the 20-28 range still, I decided to do some crafting in the morning (which requires a lot of labor points).

I crafter a shield a helmet from a set. For those interested why I’m crafting heavy armor and squeezing myself into it, I had to respect into Fight and Fortification, out of my usual Wild and Calling, since out tank sold his account and character, and we need a tank.
Now I’m a tough as nails gimp, that can’t kill a think in PvP, even mobs can be a problem, but now I have tons of HP and armor. I decided to craft sets in an order, armor requires blue akhium, weapons require red and accessories require green.
Now, since we first needed to get to level 29 in order to be able to complete the quests on our island, we decided to build a small ship and head for the cats:

The devs have increased the size of the sea considerably, so we had to spend a lot of time getting to our destination, even using the fastest boat there is. We’ve located several islands along the way, some were uninhabited, some were homes to the cats.

As it appeared, we could speak to the NPC traders on the enemy land, but town guards would attack us on sight. We squabbled with the cats a bit and completed a few quests.

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