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E3 2012 Archeage Interview

GoHa.Ru: So, the first question is... Will the game be localized? Will its Collector's Edition, be similar to those in Korea and China? And... what thoughts whatsoever do you have on publishing the game in our country?

Suk Woo Choi: Of course, ArcheAge is going to be localized in Russian, for the Russian players. And about the Collector's Edition - we don't have any specific plans yet, but when we decide on Russian publisher then we will decide if it is going to work or not.

GoHa.Ru: So, the second question is about the division of European servers into specific regions or... will it be like localized client for all on one and the same ground?

Suk Woo Choi: Our servers will not be separated into "Eastern" or "Western" - they will be separated for each country. So, this way Russia will have its own server.

GoHa.Ru: Can you give us a comment on the rumors, that domain name is registered for NCSoft European branch? There're rumors about your cooperation with them... so, can you tell us anything about it?

Suk Woo Choi: We actually don't know why the domain address got mixed up for to the NCSoft Europe branch, but... The fact is that the publisher for the European countries has not been decided on yet, but we'll let you know when this is going to be announced.

GoHa.Ru: Can you please tell us, what market do you consider the most preferred for your game - European or Russian? And don't you think, that ArcheAge might just be a bit too hard for casual European players?

Suk Woo Choi: Traditionally, Russian players are very interested in MMORPGs and recently MMORPG market in Russia has been developing very fast, I understand that compared to other regions Russian gamers are very passionate for MMORPGs and they have very deep knowledge for MMOs. And because of these reasons we think that ArcheAge will be a big hit in Russia, and we're looking forward to being loved by Russian gamers.

GoHa.Ru: So... probably the last question: will CBT5 be the last one, or shall we wait for new tests later?

Suk Woo Choi: The date of 5th CBT for ArcheAge is not fixed yet, but it should be somewhere around summer this year, and OBT is probably going to take place in the end of this year, in 2012. For the Russian servers... as soon as we pick the right publisher, who is going to work with us, we'll try to deliver ArcheAge as quick as possible. And we have already met some of the Russian publishers...
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Thank you for the translation :-)
Let´s Play Archeage CBT4 - The German Archeage Video Magazine

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The guilty player will not be summoned automatically. We will inform the guilty player to appear in court, and if they don’t they’ll be put on a 'Wanted' list and other players can hunt him down.

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