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It’s a summer map and is 800 meters in length. It can be divided into three zones:
  • The swamp (west of the map)
  • The center
  • “The Pants” (east of the map)
The team controlling “the Pants” receives an enormous advantage as it allows to freely attack any opponent at the enemy base and then proceed to dispatch the rest of the enemy forces.

Heavy tanks
  • They can attack the furthest parts of the swamp (D4-G4). Large rocks there protect against scouts and enemy fire. If HTs can successfully get through there, they arrive right to the steps of the enemy base.
  • Attacking “the Pants”. A line of rocks provides decent protection from the enemy fire. However, close enemy proximity and ongoing scouting make it a very dangerous area. The team which successfully captures “the Pants” gains a serious advantage – the high ground allows to attack almost any spot on the map.
  • Attacking through the stream to the west of “the Pants”. The rocks protect from artillery fire, however, MTs, coming from D7 and G7, can become an obstacle for HTs in that region. You also need to keep in mind that the tanks located in “the Pants” can intercept the attackers at the entrance into this area. A successful attack allows to encircle and destroy enemies in quadrants E9-0.

Medium tanks
  • Capturing “the Pants”. High speed will help MTs to successfully take position behind the rocks at the upper part of “the Pants”. This enables them to support allied HTs in the region and fire at the tanks in the center of the map and on the enemy base.
  • Attacking the center. Cover there is dime a dozen. Attacking the center can give you a clear path to the enemy’s rear in “the Pants” or enable you to raid the enemy base.

Light tanks

  • The abundance of cover makes passive scouting impossible. While the high ground at “the Pants” allows for some scouting opportunities, LTs can only move there when the enemy’s been pushed out and the outcome of the battle has been decided.

Tank destroyers

  • The “balconies” at K9 and B9 are great spots for attacking “the Pants”. However, when “the Pants” have been captured, they should move there instead. When standing on the rock at E8, destroyers can attack almost any enemy on the entire map.

  • The best arty positions are at E2 and H1. These positions give the best firing line at “the Pants”.

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