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Historical reference
The map is devoted to the battles for Crimea in 1942.

Open flat landscape. Possible cover consists of large stones, folds in terrain and the ravine in northeast.
The railroad is behind the second respawn point on the embankment.
Both bases are connected with a road, located in the lowland, covering it from any flank action.

Yellow dots – lighting points.
Red dots – artillery.
Green areas – locations of destroyers/HTs.
Red areas – main combat locations.
Green arrows – locations exposed to lighting/fire.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.

Let’s review the most simple and rational possible variants of play on this map:

LTs have some room for improvisation on Steppes – go here, light from there – it’s up to them. However, they would be wise to consider moving along the central pass, to try lighting up enemy artillery and then returning to the base. Or hide behind the stones in cells E3, E5, E7 and light up the enemies for their team.

MT offense:
They can approach through the ravine and try to reach the enemy artillery, striking the enemy from the rear, but this tactic should only be attempted when grouped. If you see the center being completely unguarded or your enemies distracted, you may be able to strike through the field or central pass, but be careful – if you can’t rely on your allies (not members of your platoon), it may end badly for you. You may also want to assist your HTs if you see them in need of help.
MT lighting:
It’s possible to light up the artillery or tanks in the ravine, but don’t go down to the lowland, approach through the high land.

Tanks spawning at any base have the same pattern of actions. You may go left or right, but stay grouped up. If you enter the ravine alone, you will be annihilated. Be rational. Team up with other HTs and go to the stones, but be ready for a prolonged combat there, going in the “pop – shoot – hide” style. A lucky rush through the ravine in the merry company of MTs is quite possible. Trust me – it should go well with artillery support.

Destroyers can do their thing the most traditional way on this map. If starting at the second base, you may take position at cell A8 and have a clear shot at the whole lowlands. You also hide in the bushes right at your base and ambush incoming LTs and MTs. Supporting HTs is absolutely possible, but if you’re some super-fast T95 that decides to tackle enemy HTs, then… the outcome will be tragic indeed.

Your position may differ depending on the respawn point.

II respawn point:
You should be taking cell D1 if you want to assist at the green areas, you may also position yourself behind the railroad and provide a bit of assistance on all directions. However, your priority must remain enemy artillery, so if you’re safe from being lighted up and you know where the enemy artillery is positioned, come out and start blasting, following tracers. Also, if your forces have managed a breach in the lowland, and you’re sporting a quick vehicle – relocate to cells C9, C0 and assist the right flank.

I respawn point:
It’s simple. Cells K5, K6, K7, K8, K0 – is your home. K0 – for assisting at the green areas. K5, K6 – for assisting at your left flank. Central cells – multi-target assistance. Just remember the rule: “shoot – hide”. To sum it all up, remember the 3 commandments:
- Turn on your brain and keep it that way.
- Watch for the chat and the mini-map, somebody might be in need of expedient help.
- If you fail, see point 1.
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I enjoy this one especially if I have one of the faster tanks.

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