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This winter map totals 1000 meters in length. The outcome of a battle on this map relies heavily on proper positioning. Both teams are taking positions at the best attack spots (“balconies”) located at the opposite flanks and start exchanging shots, attempting to seize the initiative, and then launch the attack. Good scouting is imperative at this stage of the battle. Use light tanks with a large vision area to passively scout the area from the bushes on the top of the mountains in D4 and F7 quadrants, at the same time, medium tanks can provide additional scouting by peeking from behind the rocks at E8 and F3 quadrants.

Heavy tanks. HTs have two ways of engagement on this map.
  • The first one is by advancing through their flanks (D3-H3 or G9-C0), using the rocks to cover their sides.
  • The second way involves a direct assault on the enemy base through the riverbed (C5-H6). However, this tactic requires your tank to have well armored sides, as you will be fired upon from both flanks.
Medium tanks.
  • MTs' options are limited, since enemies can attack you wherever you go. This prevents MTs from gaining momentum and MTs usually arrive to their destination being critically damaged, if at all. Nevertheless, MTs can effectively scout nearby enemies if they stand at the “balconies” at F3 and E8. You should also be able to take pot shots at scouted enemies, since the terrain allows to timely cover yourself from enemy fire.
Light tanks.
  • As mentioned previously, the brush at F7 and D4 are the best positions for providing passive scouting. Be aware that you need a tank with a large view range (390 meters or more) to be able to scout from these positions, it's also advisable to put on Coated Optics or Binocular Telescope. You can also fire at the scouted enemy exploiting the low visibility of light tanks.

Tanks destroyers.
  • They should take the same positions as the medium tanks to maximize their potential firepower. During the attack phase, destroyers need to be at the passive scouting areas of enemy light tanks in D4 and F7.

  • The best positions for SPGs are located near the corners of the map. From there, they can damage advancing enemy HTs.

You should decide against advancing into the town in the center of the map. Even though there's plenty of cover there, you will still be risking being scouted and, eventually, killed.

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