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Archeage - Jake Song's Interview at ChinaJoy2011

Q: You recently founded XL Games, yet you are still playing WoW on a more "casual" manner. How does that inspire you / affect ArcheAge?

A: I used to be a loyal WoW player. Back then the game was pretty much everything i ever imagined the perfect game should be. But later on i realized that although WoW is a masterpiece, it has limits. It cannot surpass its own generation of games, which means players will only be able to play content already set for them.

While we respect WoW, there will always be a new game that will be so radical and break those limits, offering players a completely different gaming experience.

Q: ArcheAge is labeled as a 3rd generation MMORPG. My question is, what are the features which differentiate ArcheAge from the 2nd generation games? What kind of new content should we expect?

A: 3rd generation MMORPGs contain all the good features currently available in 2nd gen games but in better quality, while at the same time introducing new concepts. As game engines advance and new, better versions become available, game developers will get a chance to create a stunning game world for players to explore.

Features previously limited by technology, are now possible and ArcheAge will be offering the player a one of its kind gaming experience in terms of graphics, sound, physics and many more.
The most important changes are those in concepts and values. Players no longer play fixed content and be guided throughout the whole game, but rather become a part of the game's creator, customizing a game world in his vision.

Below is a chart which shows Jake Song's idea of online games' generations and their differences.

Q: ArcheAge is often compared to NCsoft's Blade & Soul. What do you think about it?

A: Blade & Soul is an excellent title with great graphics and combat system. ArcheAge allows players to create their own content and interact with the world, so it offers a more fun gameplay.

Q: In a previous interview of yours, you stated that you wish Blade & Soul to "let you off" and since both games are being published by Tencent Games (CN), is this some sort of an internal war going on?

A: When a better game is available, players will have more options, which is a good thing for the players. An excellent title, with new concepts that introduce an new gaming style, is never afraid of competition. Blade & Soul and Archeage have different target groups and im sure Tencent Games will handle both very well.

Q: Everybody knows Jake Song as the father of Lineage, an influential figure of NCsoft and Nexon but above all as a very talented developer. Do you think XL Games will become the next big gaming developer?

A: XL Games is still a newborn when compared to NCsoft or Nexon. Success is based on whether our games are high quality products and if they are appealing to the players. My main concern atm is to make a good MMORPG. I am doing my best in developing ArcheAge and i am trying to discover new concepts and gameplay styles and present them to the players through it.

The acknowledgement of players is the biggest success in my life.

Q: ArcheAge seems like a game with its main focus being the player's character. This means players will have to invest more time into it. Does that mean ArcheAge will feature a monthly fee?

A: We haven't decided yet what kind of business model our game will use. Our main concern is that players will get to enjoy everything ArcheAge has to offer and that's what we are going to base the business model decision on.

Q: Players tend to explore a game's content much faster than it takes to develop it. For example, to create content for level 40 to 50, it might take several months and a couple hundred developers and players rush through it in a day or two. Do you think of this as a problem? If yes, do you plan to address it in ArcheAge and how?

A: When a game's core features are based on quests, storyline and lore, then the game won't make it in the long run. Like you said, the speed at which developers create new content will never catch up with the speed players "consume" it. We believe that in order to help the game survive in the long run, we must design the end game content at the beginning phase of the developing process.

ArcheAge is in its early development stages right now, yet it already has functional end game features such as housing, naval wars, castle sieges etc. We wish to let the players change the world and come up with their owen gameplay and content. Our concept has changed "playing with what is being provided" to "changing the original concept, gameplay and content". This is what we believe games need in order to survive for the long run.

A game's content is the key to its longevity.

Q: You once said : "Being a gaming industry veteran is 100 times better than being a doctor or a lawyer." Why? Also, is there any dream you would like to fulfill in the gaming world?

A: Games and specifically MMORPGs are played by thousand of people and can easily be labeled as a person's second life. When i'm in a virtual world, i am allowed to live in a completely different way.
Developing a game is much greater than that, since i am now creating a new world, something that cannot be achieved in real life.
My ultimate goal is discovering new concepts and gamestyles for the players to enjoy.

Q: What would be the requirements someone must meet to be recognized as a talented developer? Is there someone you look up to?

A: A talented developer must be extremely passionate, creative and caring for the game's main focus point. I look up to 2 people in the industry, Shigeru Miyamoto and Sid Meier - they are both working on Civilization Online atm.

Q: Do you seek inspiration in the real world or inside other online games' virtual worlds? What real world events inspire you?

A: Discussions with my team, experiencing all kinds of games will all provide me with inspirations. Like i said earlier, an MMORPG is like a second life, so i use real world's understanding and implemented them into ArcheAge. Also i like reading comics, novels, dramas, watch movies etc.

Q: A problem with today's online games is that all them more or less are getting too similar to each other. Do you think its better to aim for a small revolution or a big one?

A: Either. Both are a step forward for the industry, so there is no right or wrong. A creative game among the lines of Lineage (big grin by Jake Song) will start a big revolution in the industry.

Q: Are online games a product or a form of entertainment for you?

A: They are both actually. A product and a form of entertainment at the same time. An affordable way of entertainment, with almost nothing there to stop people from playing and having fun, while at the same time having the properties of a product - if its not well made and of high quality, people won't buy it.

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woa the beginning of archeage
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we are all in Black Desert now.

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