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Managing Your Mods

Managing your Mods
Click the link for a great guide on managing mods by our own SiberianExpress

JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME)

The following guide will show you how to use JSGME to install a mod to World of Tanks. This program automatically handles backing up the original files so you don't have to do the tedious job of manually backing them up.
  • Download JSGME from here:
  • At this point we want a clean World of Tanks install with NO modifications. Remove any mods you had manually added.
  • When you are asked to choose a location to install JSGME to, browse to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta (directory name may differ depending on install date)
  • Make sure Create a desktop icon is checked
You should now have JSGME installed to the root of the WoT install folder: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta

  • Run the newly created "Generic Mod Enabler - World of Tanks" shortcut
  • Click Tasks
  • Choose Generate snapshot of games files. (this will take a few minutes)
JSGME has now created a folder called MODS in your C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta folder. And also created a snapshot of all the files in your WoT install.
Now we will use JSGME to install Icon Mod v2.2 (this is the mod I personally like, you can later remove this and try a different mod VERY easily using JSGME)
  • Download Icon Mod v2.2 from this thread.
  • If you click the Spoiler buttons you can see examples of each version of the Mod. We are going to use v2.2 which can be downloaded here.
  • Extract to your desktop. It will unpack 2 folders named contour and flash
  • Browse to the C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\ folder and recreate the directory structure for the files we will be modifying.
    • In C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\ create a folder named contourv2.2
    • In C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\ create a folder named res
    • In C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\res\ create a folder named gui
      • Copy the flash folder that you extracted to the desktop to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\res\gui\
    • In C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\res\gui\ create a folder named maps
    • In C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\res\gui\maps\ create a folder named icons
    • In C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\res\gui\maps\icons\ create a folder named vehicle
      • Copy the contour folder that you extracted to the desktop to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\res\gui\maps\icons\vehicle\
Your directory structure should look like this: (It is critical that you do not make a typo when creating these directories)
  • C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\res\gui\flash
  • C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_closed_Beta\MODS\contourv2 .2\res\gui\maps\icons\vehicle\contour

Now you can run "Generic Mod Enabler - World of Tanks" shortcut again, click contourv2.2 in the Available Mods pane, and press the Right Arrow to send it to the Activated Mods pane.
Next time you load the game you will have the modified icons. If you wanted to revert back to the originals all you have to do is run JSGME and send the Activated Mod back to Available Mods.
You can use JSGME and the same procedure to load all sorts of mods; skins, sound mods, crosshair mods, etc.
Tank Mods

There is a great community with many people who enjoy creating skins for tanks.
People have attempted to take advantage of this by adding viruses or malware to packages advertised as skins. As a rule of thumb:
  • - Do not download skins offered in *.exe files
  • - if you unpack a file and there something else than a *.dds(or specific file you are replacing), remove the package
  • - scan every file you download before installing on your computer
Be careful what you download. If you don’t trust the source, don’t download the package. In all cases make sure you have a good protection suite on your computer!

Some great mods to use:


Backing up your (skin) files:

Once you replace a file, there is no way to get it back unless you have a backup or reinstall the client from scratch, so make backups first, always.
Here is the file location for all the tank skins, they are then broken down into parent directories that house each nations tank skins and models.

Now locate the tank that you will be adding a custom skin to. In this guide we will be adding a custom skin to our T2 Light tank, which is called A19_T2_lt by the game directory. 1st select the main folder for that tank. Click on the folder, then drag the folder up between any two folders until you see a long black line appear, this means you are placing the folder between these two entries. Press and hold the "Ctrl" key, a message should come up that says "Copy to (nationality)". While holding "Ctrl" release the mouse button. This will create a duplicate copy of your tanks info.

If done correctly, you should have a folder with two A19_T2_lt folders, but one should now have "Copy" at the end of the folder name.
Downloading and Installing:

Now click on the link for file you want to download.

Click the download button.

Click Save

Select where you want the file to be downloaded, generally I pick the desktop since it is easy to locate and easier to transfer files out of.

A file like this should appear on your desktop. Generally they are either .zip or .rar, the process will be the same for either file type. Right click and select, "Extract to [file name]" This will extract the files into a folder that you can browse through.

Click on the new folder that was created on your desktop. It should contain some files;,, some images. It may contain alot of files, or it may contain just one.

Select the files from this folder and move them into the World of Tanks folder. For me it was both and into A19_T2_lt.

A dialog box should appear. Check the box that says "Do this for the next # conflicts" and then press "Move and Replace"

Make sure that you are copying to the right folder and not into your backup folder.

Enjoy the Sexiness:

If copied correctly, then you should see the new skin reflected on your tank in game.*Once game is restarted, or tank is switched, then switched back*

Q: Can everyone see my new cool skin?
A: No, the files are held on your computer and only rendered by your computer, thus only you can see them.
Q: Is this skin only for the tank I am driving?
A: Again, skins are held on your computer and are applied to all the tanks it pertains to, so all tanks will look like yours.
Q: Can I make my tank harder to spot with new skins?
A: No, skins are just aesthetic, while spotting is just an algorithm.
Q: Can I put offensive things on my tank?
A: Yes, but you can't post images of your tank or skin on WoT forums.


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