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Pearl River

Pearl River

It is a summer map and is 1000 meters in length. It is divided into three zones:
  • The pass (north-east of the map)
  • The town (center)
  • The valley (west of the map)
The valley and the pass are the most important parts of the map. A successful attack at one of these routes will give you the opportunity to encircle and destroy the remaining enemies.

Heavy tanks
  • Attacking the pass. Narrow passages and tightness make this route perfect for heavily armored HTs. The pass itself is divided into three parallel passages. One of them is separated from the others by a tubercle. It allows to concentrate the attacking forces and to encircle the enemy. However, after successful attack, while HTs are on their way to the hostile base, they should be cautious. The base is a perfect shooting range for the foes protecting it. They are usually located at quadrants D2, H8 and their surroundings. Note: the majority of unskilled players are sure that there is no point in attacking through the pass. They prefer to wait for the enemies at the exits of the pass. They are wrong. Almost always capturing the pass will grant you a victory.
  • Activities in the town. The way through the town is shortest way to the enemy base. Some buildings are covering your sides. Nevertheless, the tanks that came here always become a prey for the foes that captured the valley. That is why you should advance through the town while keeping an eye on the situation at the valley. Anyhow, don't come here at all. Tanks in the town are bound by permanent scouting and not able to take the initiative.

Medium tanks
  • Attacking the valley. This part of the map is abound with long passages. While you are passing through them, you are inevitably moving in the enemy's arc of fire. That is why, the vital characteristics for attacking tanks are: high speed, which allows to escape the arc of fire and high damage per minute or an autoloading cannon, which allows to destroy the opposing tanks as soon as possible. On the whole, attacking the valley is very risky and best performed by an aggressive platoon.
  • Support HTs in the pass. Medium tanks with sturdy frontal armor and good vertical aiming angles are able to help allied HTs to take the pass.

Light tanks
  • The abundance of bushes and obstacles makes passive scouting impossible. However, if you make sure that there is no enemies in the center of the map and the foes in the valley are bound by the fight, you can successfully reach the positions of the hostile artillery.

Tank destroyers
  • Support the attacking forces in the pass. The abundance of cover in the pass will help well-armored or maneuverable TDs to make a decisive contribution in the successful attack.
  • Support the MTs in the valley. TDs are able to affect the outcome of the fight in the alley very seriously. They are even able to head the attack if they are well-armored or fast enough. If the friendly base is endangered, TDs are able to take positions in D1 or H8 quadrants, which provide the best view on it, making it easy to destroy any invaders.

  • From the A7 and G0 qudrants arties can fire at the enemies in the pass. Positions at K7 and E1 give the best firing line at the valley.

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