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Johnny Minkli: "When we will show it, the whole Internet will just go mad"

Today Johnny Minkli, editor in chief of the Eurogamer portal, on his official Twitter-page has seriously fired up the curiosity of gamers all around the world. According to him this site will shortly announce a new, secret game. Of course, Minkli said nothing about what exactly it is a project, deciding to save the suspense until the very end. Here are his words:

"A wonderful week of playing Journey and Vita. But the main, most important secret of the week quite a different ... I saw something in one of these days ... When we will show it, the whole Internet will just go mad."

"I understand that you are annoyed by this message, but realize, I was so excited by what I saw. You have to wait a short time before the announcement."

"The Internet will fly off the rails and will be very impressed by this announcement."

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