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Report day 1

Expedition Troops

On the first day we spent a lot of time trying to make out how to log in and stream videos. But we managed to make our own expedition troop ) by grabbing into our party a Korean guy running by. You can see the full list of expedition troops here - There are already Korean expeditions of 90 and 40 players О_о

Badge Selection Screen

Expedition formed

In order to form an expedition, you need to choose supporting forces (reinforcements)

King Idzuna

The Nuyan, originating from the power of the two kingdoms, progressive conquerors who overcame hardships, hope to become famed for their might forevermore. In order to deploy them, Roniki nuyane give up farming.

The name of the troop must contain from 4 to 21 Korean or Latin symbols.

[caption on the button] Create the troop

(It refers to a clan unit engaged in farming and /or in getting resources (supporting forces) which are used to support the military forces accordingly. The second sentence can be translated both as "give up farming" and "are in need of farming", but the general meaning is precisely this.)

It's a translation of the text shown when creating an expedition troop – thanks, Dzhai – and don't worry, we chose a lion and not farmers... however, we still need to translate what the lion means. It's obvious that the troops choose their patron (it's not a faction) with certain bonuses in the process of creation.

And here goes the functionality, on the translation of which we will work tonight.

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It´s amazing that you finally translate your diary in english language.

Thanks a lot, Sir :D

Greetings from Germany
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My new tank, made instead of the archer, is already good at holding RBs' agro and he's got plenty of HP and armor. Tanking is piece of cake but I still need to try tanking lvl 30 RBs.
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