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ARMA III – News & Screenshots

After a long radio silence the developers of the ARMA III military shooter from Bohemia Interactive finally went on air and shared their achievements and plans related to the project work.
It has been revealed that the game release is moved to Q4 2012, but in the not so distant future some lucky players will get a chance to take part in the game alpha test and a little later on, when the beta test starts, even a wider range of players will be able to try the game multiplayer mode.
DirectX 10/11 and PhysX support has been implemented. Work is being done on the multiplayer interface in order to make it easier and more convenient to use.
Animation was revised with application of new motion-capture records and in this connection the gameplay opportunities were expanded.
At present the visual effects and graphics look just amazing and will be a breakthrough for the series. The map scales are huge and significantly exceed everything seen earlier.
The team is also ready to introduce the enhanced and stable multiplayer mode, what one can already experience after the release of Patch 1.60 for Arma II: Operation Arrowhead.

You can get acquainted with the developers' thoughts on ARMA III in more details by reading the article at the studio official website.

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