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Report day 14

Immediately after logging into the game we set forth to farm the elemental rb, which drops the item required for the ship.

It's an incredibly difficult raid boss: at 80% of its hit points 4 tornadoes appear around it bouncing those who got in them into the air (of course, the damage of falling was heavy). You can see these whirlwinds on the screenshot. At 50% of its hps the elemental started to apply the debuff to the whole raid that bounced characters into the air too, with a larger damage on falling.

We wiped at it several times. It turned out that we needed to run into the circles cast by appearing npcs for a short duration, and then this debuff was cleared, though the rb applied it again as time passed. Finally, it started to summon some huge amounts of small elementals. But yet we managed to overcome it and looted the required item.

We farmed the tree just for its drop, but unfortunately nothing really good dropped, and this time the tree farming didn't go as smoothly.
We wiped quite logically at the golem since Tamala (our main healer) wasn't online at that time, and the raid boss was taken by the Koreans. The stone thing is probably the most difficult raid boss of them all; the Koreans simply overrun it with insane damaging, zerging it. We were fortunate enough to barter the required item from their raid leader. By the way, these 3 items are dropped, as it turned out, from regular mobs, but with some little chance. As you can guess already, we had all the 3 items available to build a ship, we only needed to gather the resources.

Once again planting trees and mining ore; we had used the previous ore for crafting.

In the process of gathering all the needed fabric we crafted one more mage robe.

It's exclusive: a naked Tamala

We collected the resources with difficulty, and the caravans stretched to the place of construction, wood first.

Then fabric

And finally, iron; we called for Zanzik so that he could stream it, so a video will be available soon ;)

The launch was very beautiful as usual. And, by the way, already in the process of building we noticed that this ship is different from the one built by us during CBT3.

We didn't have enough time to sail because the servers were going to be closed, but we learned that now the ship had 3 bells (with different sounds) on the mast. They are likely designed for signaling on enemy spotting. The ship's hit points also were raised to 30000, and a skill is now available to speed up its movement. Although we sailed for a little time, we managed to sail into a small storming area where it was raining, and lightnings flashed. Moreover, we received some debuff that for sure slows characters down and apparently decreases their stats.

Tomorrow we'll try to sail as much as we can and tell about the seas of Archeage.


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