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All you need to know about accuracy.

Hitting your Target

To hit a target, you must account for a number of things during the time you are pulling the trigger and the time the shell arrives in the vicinity of the target. While the game engines does account for gravity, its also adjusts for the location of your reticle (e.g. Aim at the spot you wish to hit and the game aims a bit higher to account for the drop of the shell over distance. However, you will have to account for Ping (lag). If you are running with 500ms ping, then you will have to lead the target by 0.5 seconds of movement. Furthermore, if you are attempting to lead a target such that your reticle is not on the target and you are using low velocity rounds (HE only guns in particular), you can encounter an issue. Because your reticle is targeted on a location behind your target (could be hundreds of meters beyond), your shot will tend to arrive at the target higher than you expect because the game is trying to hit the location that your aiming at (beyond the target) and not the target itself. High velocity rounds can also arrive a bit high passing over the target or trying to hit the usually smaller turret.

Auto-aim vs Manual Aim

Auto-aim is more for tracking than anything else. It is very inaccurate and aims dead in the center of the tank: often the most armored part. It is only useful for aiming at weaker armored tanks very far from you or when you are both at close range and you need to focus on dodging the possible shots rather than aiming at the enemy. In this occasion, auto-aim can save you some worry.

Manual Aiming

The aiming circle takes the ballistic trajectory into account, so you don't have to worry about that. However, about 3% of shots will go outside the aiming circle (not by much, but it can happen).

Accuracy and Dispersion

The accuracy value for a gun is given in meters at a range of 100m. For a value of 0.32, this means that at 100m, your shot may disperse by up to 0.32 meters (about 1 foot). This dispersion amount increases linearally with distance. For our 0.32 accuracy gun, at 200m it could disperse by up to 0.64 meters (0.32 * 2), and by up to 1.60 meters (0.32 * 5) at 500 meters.
The actual dispersion amount is based on a Gaussian (normal) distribution curve.
Our aiming circle is set at 2.5-sigma, so only 97.5% of shots will be within the aiming circle.

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