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Report day 9

Spent all day on the cat island levelling. We had certain troubles with it though: NPC were agressive (we still were able to get quests from them), sometimes the Koreans went agro as well and tried to hunt us.

Not much to show you, just a few screenshots of our levelling routine.

The Chinese location that was closed during the 3rd CBT.

Just a quest animation but it looks nice.

A flying sword mob :D

Ancient cats' architecture.

A bird's eye view of our home location with lvl 30+ quests.

Meanwhile the Koreans (or one Korean to be precise) reached lvl 41.

Take a look at his spec: a mix of will, death and magic. A kind of a melee mage with a bunch of AOE/instant cast spells. He carries a 1h staff and a shield (rings a bell?). Moreover, the Koreans started to use craft resourses agressively.

An almost top-rated weapon was seen today carried by one of this clan's members (a raid leader or something). BTW I was wrong: staves do have M-atk, we will craft them for our mages.

Tamala & Co. - our 20 lvls - did have a great fun today having jumped a Korean who was carrying resourses. Unfortunately their lawful loot was recovered by the owners. A conflict with a Korean clan, Crazykillers, is gathering pace: they pk us on sight with shouts like "buy buy Russian."

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