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The Technic

The Technic

After Krom, the God of Knowledge, had blessed the Dwarves with exceptional intellectual abilities, they started to slowly go up to the surface. During the years of living in the depths, Dwarves, having devoted themselves to studying and creating of war machines, achieved great results, that allowed them to compensate for the lack of magical talent or impressive physique.
Technics build guns and traps, that are necessary for defending strategically important points.Their rapid-fire guns are able to grant the team a great tactical advantage.

The notorious turret, without any upgrades

GoHa.Ru: Tell us why have you decided to make the Technic class? Considering that another Dwarf class (Saper) also specializes on building of various useful constructions, it could be expected that the other Dwarf will be more combat-oriented. For example, a Dwarf Sniper that specializes on rifles, or something along those lines.

Panzar: The two Dwarf classes are very different and have absolutely different objectives and methods to complete them. Saper is a support class, his main role is building of communications and providing “supply”, while the Technic is sort of an artillery unit, he creates guns and fortifications and assists his allied infantry. While both classes are “engineering troops”, their gameplay and roles are indeed very different.

GoHa.Ru: Tell us about this character’s stylistics. There are some eastern strokes in his wooden turret, and the use of modern technology in the tesla trap and gravitation mine. It’s quite an unusual mix, but it’s interesting, how did you come up with it?

Panzar: Our overall art design can be summed up with one word – eclecticism. Absolutely everything can contain totally different motives and elements: steampunk, eastern motives, gothic and all that is connected into chaos, where such a gun exists next to a grav mine.

Tesla traps next to a construction golem

GoHa.Ru: What role does this class perform in combat? If I’m not mistaken, it’s kind of a support class, but in siege scenarios where one team has to defend and another must assault points, the usefulness of this class in attack seems questionable, unlike in defense, where he’s at his best. I might be wrong though.

Panzar: Actually, the Technic can be great in offense, especially if he possesses many class points and if a Tank can cover him while he’s building his cannon. The cannon deals a lot of damage, especially if an Orc can cause disarray in the ranks of the enemy and make them take the hits in their backs.

GoHa.Ru: The turret (cannon) is one of the basic skills of the Technic and, I suppose, will be accessible to players at early levels. But will the damage of the turret change with the character’s level? On low levels, it’s damage can prove too strong, while on high levels, when everyone is decked out in best armor etc., it might become not enough. The same question stands regarding the traps.

Panzar: The damage of all cannons and traps will scale with level, meaning the first level trap will deal significantly less damage than the last-level one. In one way or another, all abilities scale.

GoHa.Ru: How important will acquiring new equipment actually be for the Technic? After all, he’s seldom to find himself in direct combat with an enemy.

Panzar: Weapons and armor affect all aspects of combat, be it movement speed, movement speed while blocking, maximum number of class points, mana or many others, including defense and damage dealt. Also, having good gear will increase the damage of the cannon and traps, as their damage is tied to the “master’s characteristics”.

This is a fully upgraded turret with better armor, barrel cooling system and better barrels

GoHa.Ru: It was mentioned that you are planning to be selling skins for real money, as well as other additions that change the look of the character, will every class something unique in this regard? If it’s positive, tell us what the Technic will have.

Panzar: Dwarves will have their own hairstyles, beards, fangs etc. Also, every character has it’s own emotes, taunts, armor dyes and many other things.

GoHa.Ru: You’ve held several tournaments already, tell us how did this class perform there?

Panzar: It was really popular and that actually was the cause of downfall for some teams, because in Panzar: Forged by Chaos, a balanced team is very important. Of course, you can build a Mannerheim Line that will be firing at everything that moves, but, really, a well coordinated team of a few orcs and mages will smash through any fortifications. The Technic might not be an offensive class, but he’s important for the team, acting as a great harassing factor and doing a lot of damage to the whole enemy team.


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