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So You Can Kind Of See The Roles There In The Path Of Exile Items

The skill tree looks fairly simple. each head out into these life nodes, grabbed some two-handed nodes, and I'll probably head up in Templar to grab the life nodes, weapon elemental damage, elemental damage resist, attack damage, all that stuff. And we can grab Resolute Technique, and then we can go down to the axe nodes, get a bunch more life. Stretch way down here for some more life, some fire damage with attack skills, fire pen, damage attack skills, you know. Some more two-handed nodes, some attack and life leech, some more life nodes, some more two-handed nodes, life nodes, attack speed, you know.

The gear, I'm wearing really, really basic gear. So, I have a Hezmana's five-link axe. I have a life resist intelligence helmet, life resist strength chest, some life Dexterity, attack speed gloves; some really, really bad boots, a terrible amulet. A pyre to convert 40% of our cold to fire damage, so that will convert-- with ice crash, I'm using the ice crash right now, so that converts 50% of this to cold. This converts 40% of that cold to fire, and then the rest we will convert with the avatar fire thing, to be 100% fire damage on our ice crash.

So we just kind of typed down all the stats that give us damage, so you can kind of see the roles there, and this is what it would give us. We did test without this flask, so this is without an ascendancy at all, and some really, really budget gear. I’m really interested in poe orbs Like, a mediocre Hezmana's, and some garbage gears as a set-up. Really, really, bad jewels. And we still have 250k DPS right? And then the actual ascendancy on our flask gives us an additional 70k.

So, we're at 320k DPS on a five-link, with garbage gear, we have 6k life, 700 regen, 1.4k life leech per second. That's pretty good for a started character. It scales really well, and then again, we have 209% life, that should allow us to achieve 7, 7 and a half thousand lives with no cams. With a belly, we might push past 8k with really good life strength gear, we might push past 9k, with a belly or rare chest. Like, there's a lot of options for this character.

And I'm pretty happy with it. But yeah, this would be my starter build. If you play this build, or if you play any of my other builds, click aside. I updated the majority of my site guides to 3.2. you just have to choose the correct ascendancies to go with whatever you want to play. Please log into path of exile to test all these changes thoroughly. And the team is expecting your useful feedback. At the same time, there is path of exile items for sale on our site.

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