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acerbity branch inside

Huangtan?The wood of black acerbity branch inside GB annatto kind, its grain slants red tape is black, advocate producing area is: India, indonesia, in Java island, western, veranda composite anti-fungus deck Quack smoke belong to " annatto " GB 5 belong to 8 kinds of black acerbity branches in kind, so on the market also common says Indonesian black acerbity branch. Come nearly two years, broad Xiehuang the one's previous experience ofout the favourable policy that issues float diy under deck ceiling kits conditionally to make more enterprise use railroad to carry means to import timber. As lumber the entrance measures ceaseless increase sharply, this bureau innovates actively superintendency means, plant in the light of different capable person executive difference changes quarantine, compress considerably pass time, low cost of wood deck realized entrance lumber basically " sign up for check that day, connect that day close " . Current, this port lists container to answer carry plank to be grasper with the class, the Oubanlie wood plastic composite floor decking in helping strength " go again regain " , promote container plank import volume considerably. To entering condition container to ship plank combines risk element to carry out classification classified management, shorten port

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