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Report day 5

Our level progression

We started this morning with the standard attempt at taking down some RBs, the Koreans have this well organized and we also managed to get it all sorted out. Unfortunately, we were able to down only two bosses, even though we managed to kill the harpy 3 times back to back, I guess the Koreans don’t know about its location yet.

Every boss had dropped bars for akhium crafting, which was encouraging, it means that, if we manage to farm the bosses regularly, we might be able craft the item needed for territory control (to do that we need to bind ourselves to their respawn points to be able to teleport to them, right at the moment of their spawning). We also have our weapons and gear almost completely broken by now (quest items can’t be repaired), and take a guess, what item do you need to craft weapon? That’s right, akhium. But you also need a personal house with a workbench, on there can players improve the made weapons to the maximum. It basically looks like this: you spend metal and akhium to craft some noob knife, then improve it by spending more metal and akhium etc. It’s a nightmare. If PvP was enabled everywhere, like it will be in release, everybody would be at each other’s throats, fighting for every crumb of akhium, dropping from raid bosses.
Speaking of PvP, the conflict with the Korean gardeners is continuing, this time in the new location, where four evil Koreans plotted to take revenge on me as a payback for the tree fail that happened yesterday. Well, you can see how that turned out, the screenshots speak for themselves. We can’t properly distinguish nicknames in Korean, but we’ve been killing everyone, all the time, and, after that, nobody would disturb us while we were questing.

Every blood splatter is a killed Korean, we were dying too, of course, but not too often. The whole village and it’s neighborhood was covered in blood, those who watched our stream will confirm that. All of the participants of this PvP match were thrown into prison, which concluded the action (yeah, and when they 6v1 me, it’s ok).

As you can see, we’ve changed our wardrobe once in the prison :) We played some football and then started to search the boxes (were looking for a shiv to punish the Koreans that go locked up with us), we managed to find a spoon quickly and escaped (all except Gruman, he got caught and had to sit through almost two full sentences).
The Koreans wouldn’t calm down, though, and kept fighting in the global chat, especially when they got into prison.

After that adventure, we thought it was the time for something more relaxing and sailed to the farthest corners of the world to plant a few trees.

We had bought some pines (one pine produces the most logs), that were taking a very long time to grow, as over the course of two hours they grew up just a little bit. I guess we’re going to collect them the day after tomorrow (the maintenance is taking place tomorrow).

Meanwhile at the enemy camp:
The Koreans increased their levels to 32-33.
The largest of the Korean clans (160+ members) has taken one of the territories on the northern continent (zerging bastards), they must have been farming raids non-stop from the very starts, the numbers help too… everyone brings something and it makes a win in the end. Here are the screenshots of this event:

Well, that’s it. See you next time ;)

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