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Report day 15

Early in the morning we went to explore the sea and the northern continent.

We sailed to the northern continent at night, it’s a gloomy place.

There is an incomprehensible haze, darkness and silence, the mood is uforgettable)

Near the beach though we had more fun, shoot the Koreans from the guns, a couple was killed. In general, Koreans do not let us to move freely in PvP locations, so that the akhium delivery in order to capture territory will become a real puzzle.

Here is the captured point.

And vice versa, this is an empty place; there is still much space in the north.

This is a northern continent in the afternoon.

A very beautiful sight, I wish I had the settings not so far from the maximum.

We swam a little in search of uninhabited islands, but unfortunately did not find anything acceptable; there are very large distances indeed. We saw boxes on these reefs, however, for their breaking we got nothing.

If in a particular location there are many houses that are standing quite close, in a nearby appears such a square with improvised tools for crafting.

I made a quest and got bogey, and we brought a little bit of spring water from the northern continent, so that we planted 5 akhiuma trees, one near the house and four next to the scarecrow. Somehow the Koreans carried off a tree growing near the house. Ronin and Gruman also lost their trees that grew close to home. We hope that with a scarecrow they will not be able to steal, in the other case there will be money for nothing.

Koreans make the arrangements for the full program;)

They even have made hen house.

Today after consulting we decided to start collecting akhiuma for the acquisition of the territory on the northern continent. We understand that we cannot keep her for a long time and even the capture will be paired with great risk, but we must try, it is still a test.
Tomorrow I will not be here, so expect a report from the Serp: P

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