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Serene Coast

Serene Coast

This summer map has a length of 1000 meters. It can be divided in 3 zones:
  • The mountain (western part of the map)
  • The town with the railroad (the center of the map)
  • The peninsula (eastern part of the map)
The action on this map usually proves to be quite dynamic. The team which manages to break through one of the flanks will seize the initiative and end the battle quickly.

Heavy tanks. An HT player can follow two directions:
  • Through the lowland under the mountain, around the D3 quadrant. There are many massive cover points there, which allow HTs to hold the ground and serve as a distraction for the enemy and then, and being in close proximity to the enemy base gives a strategic advantage once the lines have been broken.
  • The peninsula in the eastern part of the map. A great amount of uneven terrain and cover points will help HTs with highly armored turrets. The HT is close to the enemy base and can attack it in case of the breach being successful. This presents a threat for the enemy SPGs and allows to seal your team's victory.
Medium tanks. Medium tanks often decide the outcome of battles on this map. They can move in three different directions:
  • Supporting HTs under the mountain. There are several sideways at the lowland under the mountain, which allows MTs to flank the enemy and decide the outcome of a fight.
  • Supporting HTs in the peninsula. The ground there prevents tanks from gaining high speed, and the straightforward nature of the terrain prevents any flanking maneuvers. Which means that MTs with sturdy turrets are going to feel at home here.
  • Seizing the initiative on the mountain. This is the most optimal route for medium tanks possessing high speed and good vertical aiming angles. MTs that spawn on the northern base should move along the side of the map right to the mountain top and scout enemies behind it and approaching the base. The MTs beginning at the southern base can fight their way to the C1 quadrant right at the start of the battle, where they will be protected from direct fire by the terrain. From there, they can scout the enemy and fire at anything crossing the center of the map. After the flank has been breached, it becomes the shortest route to the enemy base.
Light tanks.
  • Scouts can do their job while moving along the railroad embankment in the map’s center. If attacked, they can protect themselves by moving to the safe side of the embankment or move into the town near the E5 quadrant.
Tank destroyers.
  • Southern base. A fast destroyer with a good view range will feel itself best in the brush on the bay's beach in the G5 quadrant. From there they can scout and even destroy tanks, foolish enough to try reaching the peninsula by the bridge and not through the ford. A mountain at E1 is also a great offensive position, but it lacks any cover, so there's a risk of being scouted and damaged.
  • Northern base. Move to the brush at B4 and you'll be able to fire at any enemy on the mountain and in the lowland. The indestructible houses located on that position provide great protection. The destroyers at E9 are able to support allied HTs attacking through the peninsula. It's possible to attack the opposite beach from there, although it's an extremely exposed position. However, if you fall back behind cover and control enemy movements in the nearby area, you'll be able to minimize received damage.
  • Arties are going to be most useful in K6 and D0 quadrants. From there, they can fire at HTs engaging on the peninsula, who are protected by the terrain only from the sides.

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