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Sacred Valley "Encounter Battle"

Sacred Valley

Encounter Battle


It’s a winter map with the length of 800 meters. In contains three notable zones:
  • The mountain (north-west)
  • The lowland (center)
  • The temple (south-east)
Both teams are fighting to control the high ground on the mountain and the temple. The lowland is the center of the map is ill suited for any kind of prolonged activity, as it’s totally exposed to fire from the mountain and both bases. However, if the enemy team is pinned down, you can make a run through the center right into the enemy base and finish the battle.
Tank positions are identical to standard mode. However, tanks are packed denser and, as the result, there’s more shots flying around in the H6 quadrant.

Heavy tanks.
  • The best way of attack for HTs lies through the mountain. It contains a lot of uneven terrain which will protect the body if your tank. This route is best suited for HTs with good vertical angles of aiming and thickly armored turrets. After destroying all resistance, this route becomes the shortest way to the enemy base.
Medium tanks can choose one of the two routes:
  • Support HTs on the mountain. Fast well armored MTs can help HTs win the fight over the mountain. Also, a “pedestal” at C4 allows to shoot opponents moving through the center and on the enemy base.
  • Attack on the temple. High speed will prove helpful in capturing this position and not being scouted and receiving a few shots to the side. Since all cover is destructible and it’s possible to circle around by going between the large building and the rock and J9, all fights are finished very quickly. When the position has been secured, it becomes a good spot to pick off tanks at the enemy base, or make your way to it, should you decide. However, if you do decide to storm the base, you need to be careful: the way down from the temple is exposed from both sides.
Light tanks.
  • LTs have many possible locations to provide passive scouting. One being the brush at H7. LTs starting at the northern base can scout the entrance to the temple, and those which start at the south can “x-ray” the temple itself, distracting enemy tanks heading that directions and, if no enemy forces are present on the way to the enemy base, they can take a shot at destroying enemy SPGs.

Tank destroyers.
  • The best position of tank destroyers starting at the southern base is the pedestal at H4. It allows them to have a clear shot at the temple and anybody approaching it and the brush there protects from scouting until the first shot's been taken.
  • Destroyers starting at the northern base may take position at the brush at H8 as it allows them to attack any enemy scouted by LTs from H7. If they take position at the base of the mountain at F8 they will be able to attack HTs on the mountain.
  • The best spots for SPGs on this map are the F9 and F2 quadrants, which are great for attacking the mountain.


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