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Tobacco giant wants information on teen smoking

Tobacco giant wants information on teen smoking 02

MARK COLVIN: The world's largest tobacco company, Philip Morris, is trying to use freedom of information laws to get confidential information about teenagers' smoking habits gathered by academics at one of the UK's leading tobacco control institutes.

The data reveal teens' attitudes to smoking and reactions to packaging and advertising. But researchers at Stirling University are fighting back. They've rejected the FOI application as 'vexatious'.

GERARD HASTINGS: The Institute for Social Marketing has been going for approximately just over 30 years now. And we are interested in the impact of marketing on public health.

PETER LLOYD: What is that you have learned that Philip Morris wants to find out?

GERARD HASTINGS: Children are drawn into smoking far more than adults are. The vast majority of UK smokers started as children. But what pulls them is some misleading positive perceptions about tobacco that those are reinforced and encouraged by a range of tobacco-marketing activities. Activities that have been constrained in Carton Cigarettes recent times with regulation but are still very much there.

And a lot of our work has looked at the impact of putting those constraints on marketing and shows that what happens, as you constrain, it does have depressing effect on teenage smoking. But, you know, the more you restrict it the more the remaining channels of communication are exploited.

PETER LLOYD: Here in Australia there's obviously a very large debate going on because of the attempt to have plain-packaging laws introduced; what does your research tell us about the attitudes of teenagers on marketing, advertising and plain packaging?

GERARD HASTINGS: Certainly we're in the moment doing research on plain packaging and we're still going through that process. But if you ask the question more broadly about marketing it's very clear that young people Cigarettes Wholesale are influenced by advertising, and particularly by branding.

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