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information requests relating to tobacco in the last 18 months

I think the conclusion I would Newport Carton draw out of our work over, you know, all these years is that at the core of the marketing Cheap Newport Cigarettes effort is the brand. And I would argue, indeed, that children don't so much smoke cigarettes as smoke brands.

And what industry, not just tobacco, indeed across the board, does is is spend a lot of time and effort to bolster and build up evocative branding.

PETER LLOYD: If I could play devil's advocate, you say that this data eventually becomes public, so what's wrong with handing it over to the Philip Morris company now?

GERARD HASTINGS: Well it becomes public through the academic publication process, which of course, has lots of very careful checks and balances in Marlboro Lights 100S it. So when we write a Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes paper, do an analysis and write a paper, it goes to anonymous reviewers, we don't know who they are, they don't know who we are, who carefully check that the data is right and the calculations are right, and the conclusions are supported by what we've said. And, above all in this instance, because we're talking about children, there is no risk being posed to the people who took part in the study.

PETER LLOYD: What do you think the raw data contains that would so excite their interests?

GERARD HASTINGS: Well essentially what we do Peter is market research. We approach this just as if we were a tobacco company wanting to encourage young people Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes to smoke and think 'well what research would we do to understand that?'

What is for sure is that this would be toxically bad Cigarettes For Sale Online for them. If they were caught?BR>

PETER LLOYD: In what sense?

GERARD HASTINGS: Well if they were caught doing focus groups with 13 years there would be a Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online public outcry.

PETER LLOYD: Give me a sense of the scope of what it is they're asking for?

GERARD HASTINGS: The easiest word to use to describe the scope is 'everything'.

MARK COLVIN: Professor Gerard Hastings from the Stirling University Institute For Social Marketing speaking to Peter Marlboro Red Cigarettes Lloyd.

What about here? Well the Federal health department has received more than 50 freedom of information requests relating to tobacco in the last 18 months. It's been forced to employ six additional staff to process the claims. The vast majority come directly from the three giants of big tobacco: Philip Morris, British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco.

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