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Q&A 23/02

The developers from the company once again answered the questions from the players of MMO "World of tanks", informs an official site of the game. From the article you'll learn: when the HF-3 will be transferred from 6 to 7 level, what is planned to make with the Soviet heavy tanks in the 0.7.3 update, and when in the game will appear JagdPanzer E-100 (StuG E-100), what will happen to HF-5 after the release of IP-6, and more.

Why you did not write about KB-3, what with its fate? Where will it be moved?
This tank will be moved from 6 to 7 level in the 0.7.3 update. It has been mentioned long time ago.

We have an information slipped from the U.S. server that T110 that has not yet released is going back to redo. Is this true? What is not good with the current version of the tank? If it is true, then will it be redone before the input of 0.7.2 or after?
We have nothing to do with it, and we will not. The current model will not change. So, the information from the American Forum is incorrect.

Will some French PT have the barrel?
We have not such plans.

Could you fully describe all the actions with Soviet tanks that will be done in the 0.7.3 update? As well as their replacement by the other machines and all the nuances associated with it? Thank you.
In patch 0.7.3, we plan to introduce the following changes to the branch of heavy tanks of the USSR:

  • Transferring KV-3 tanks from 6 to 7 level.
  • Moving the IS-4 tank from 9 to 10 level.
  • Input of the JS-8 tank on the ninth level instead of the tank IP-4.
  • Input of the T-150 tank at level 6.
  • Input of the tank KV-4 at level 8.
  • Input of the tank ST-I at level 9.
  • Separation of KV tanks to 2 different tanks: KV-1 and KV-2
As a result, the tree of the USSR heavy tanks takes the following form.
The only exception will be the movement of KV-2 tanks from 5th to 6th level, which has not yet shown in this picture.
More details on input of these tanks will be published before the upgrade 0.7.3.

In the latest issue of Wargaming TV there were mentioned details of T30 rebalance (a diminution of the HP, a decrease of mobility, plus to the precision, etc.). Will T30 get a PT-bonus to camouflage?
Yes. It will receive it.

On the CT-I screenshots is highly noticeable an increase of the quantity of polygons, accordingly our question is: how soon will start the next revision of previously released models of tanks? Thanks in advance!
The number of polygons for the model ST-I does not exceed the number of polygons for other models of tanks. Plans to refine previously issued tanks by the number of polygons don’t have grounds yet.

Somehow I lost sight of: a T-150 input and the KV-3 transfer at level 7 will be roughly the same pattern as the T34 and EC-4? Additional slot + tank (T-150) with a 100% of a crew?
So far we have no comments. Schemes of tanks transfer still are being developed.

Good day, dear developers. Tell me please, when will be introduced to the game the JagdPanzer E-100 (StuG E-100)? The point is that you have promised to implement it in 3-4th quarter of 2011...
Its input is planned, approximately, in the 2nd quarter of 2012.

Are you going to increase the number of slots for additional equipment and modules for the higher levels of tanks, and is it possible to take into the fight a couple of repair kits, first aid kits and fire extinguishers?
No. That is principle.

How will IS-8 show himself at the top? As a T-10M with its tower, on the forehead of which there is 250 mm and 122-mm M-62-T2, or as a hybrid (IS-8 with a tower T-10 (A, B), and some BL-9M)?
Rather, the first option, than the second.

With the transfer of KV-3 to the 7th level, on the 6th it will be replaced by the T-150 with apparently the worst performance, although they are more relevant to those of the M6 and the ARL-44.
After separation of KV to KV-1 it is clear that the KV-1 will be more similar in effectiveness to the T1 Heavy and BDRG-1. Hence the question: will the balance distribution of heavy tanks on 5 and 6 levels change after separating of the branche of the USSR TT?

First, specified by you "evidences" are not obvious. Secondly - the distribution will change.

Are the super platoons completely buried? Will there be more than 3 players in a platoon? If you cannot balance 5, at least make 4! There are often found four TT at level 10 in the game.
They are completely buried. They will not appear again.

Many gamers pumped out all three perks a long time ago, and the experience accumulated above. Will it be possible to implement it in the fourth skill leveling?
Yes. Such an opportunity will be.

In 7.3 will be replacement in a branch of the Soviet heavy tanks, does that mean that the new Soviet premium tank we will get in 0.7.3 (IS-6)?
It does not necessarily mean.

What will happen to KV-5 after the release of IS-6? Indeed, now IS-6 in fact occupies a niche of KV-5.
We plan to do nothing with the KV-5 in this aspect.

Will the progression in required experience be reviewed after the new skills input?
No. The old version with the double increase of the required experience for the next skill will stay.

After exiting from the company battle you press the talk button and begin to speak, but then you realize that you type a big word with one letter ... Will you fix it?
We’ll turn our attention to it.
Is it possible to append in a private channel: "in combat", "print", etc.? If there is no answer for a long time you do not know what happened with the source.
It is in the plans.

Do you plan to make a choice of email addresses for entering the game from the drop down list? On my computer I’m not the only one who plays, and I’m tired to re-enter the email address every time.
As far as I know, we still have no such plans.

When will the trophy tanks appear? What will be the first ones and in what sequence?
So far we have no plans for the trophy tanks. They will be no soon.

When will we see the statistics of the damage caused during the battle?
Never. We will show the earned experience, but not the damage.

Will you add the possibility to view the skills of the crew, their status (in per cent), the modules of the tank in the statistics of another player?
We don’t have such plans.

The British tanks will appear, we're working on it.

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