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It is worth pointing out that the individual race abilities do not have much impact on the course of action itself. That is why, while selecting the race, you should keep in mind the faction that you want to choose, because this will have an immense effect on the game. In ArcheAge, there are two factions - the Western (Nuian and Elves) and the Eastern (Firran and Harani). Both parties remain in an open conflict and, after you reach the appropriate experience level, you will be able to attack any of the representatives of the opposing faction (with minor exceptions).

Representatives of the factions speak &klo2kdifferent languages, due to which you will be unable to communicate with the representatives of the opposing faction, at the beginning of the game. Actually, no matter which character you choose, Archeage gold must be useful to level up your character. And if you want to buy Archeage gold, gold.raiditem can be your best choice. You don't need to register on gold.raiditem to buy Archeage gold.

The expressions uttered by them will take on the form of random symbols. Only later into the game, will you be able to take the services of special teachers and, at the same time, learn the language of the opposing faction. The good news, for all the aesthetes, is that you can disable the displaying of the helmet, thanks to which your perfected countenance can be seen, even as you are wearing the heaviest of armors. Never miss gold.raiditem for more useful Archeage guides and the latest Archeage news.

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