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World of Tanks Database ( - Update 0.8.6

Update 0.8.6 is coming and we are pleased to inform you that our database for the game WoT you can now look at the new tanks, and learn how have changed old.

SPGs added:

SU-122A (Level 5)
SU-14-1 (Level 7)
G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) (Level 2)
Pz.Sfl. IVb (Level 4)
G.W. Tiger (P) (level 8)
M44 (level 6)
M53/M55 (Level 9)
AMX 105 AM mle. 47 (Level 4)
Bat.-Ch√Ętillon 155 55 (Level 9)

As you can see the new UK premium heavy tank A33 Excelsior (Level 5), zones of penetration to the tank attached.

Download the same mod with the updated zones penetration you can at this link .

It is worth noting that the database was changed the display premiumnyh and special equipment, it is now located next to the other tanks in the tree, they are highlighted in gold glow.

So it was removed vertical tree, in return for it, we are ready to please you with a new feature of our database - a comparison of tanks, just press the button under the tree and you will be able to compare tanks, now you will not be bothered by one question, how do you choose the tank.

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