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Interview about Clan Wars

GoHa.Ru: Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your clan, which countries are the players from, how long are you playing World of Tanks and since when are you engaged in battles on the global map?

Cedars[SHINY]: Hi and greetings from Shiny Division, my name is Cedars and I am one of the leaders of the clan. Shiny formed in January this year shortly after the release of the company function. Hoxx and I put the clan together from random players we met as we searched for people to fill our company team. I am from UK and Hoxx is from Serbia, and we have players from all over Europe, including Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Austria and more! At first our only entry requirement was basic English and a lot of enthusiasm for team play. But now with the pressure of clan wars we have had to become more critical of applicants. It's a shame as when the clan formed I had only ground (grinded?) an SU8 and a KT and making a clan was the best way to get a guaranteed company game.
We participated in CWs from day one and cut our teeth in the North African provinces. Since then we have been very active sometimes fielding 3 teams of 15 in an evening.

TheFinn[FTC]: We are a Finnish speaking clan called The Finnish Tank Clan which consists of five parts. We are mainly a Finnish clan with a few international Finnish speaking members. Our clan was founded in December 2010 by Winner140 and Sherman2. We have experienced players and new players, hardcores and casuals. Their ages averaging around 30. We started fighting in Clan Wars on the first day.

Moonkiss[RED]: I am a leader of Red Alliance and a captain of RED team “Rush to the center”. The basis of the alliance is a group of clans The RED that unites Russian community players. We started to prepare to the GM battles for a long before the global map appeared and dominance is one of our priorities. The RED team clans now gather the most impact teams, and at prime time there are more than 750 players online. The European Corps of the Red Alliance has possessions throughout Europe from Portugal and beyond the Ural Mountains and now we are waiting for the expansion of GM. Siberian Corps continues to expand to the east. At the moment, the Red Alliance owns 260 provinces, and its income is about 220 000 per day.

murgen[UNC]: Welcome! I’m proud to be one of the leaders of the clan that is essentially created out of two communities. On the one hand, here are players emerged from the clan Iron Squad, who decided to create a clan, on the other hand Dennis, known as D_ara, leads his free company. These two staffs created a clan Unicorns in the form in which it is now known.
Most of the clan players are from the former Soviet Union, from the Baltic to the Far East. There are also players from Germany, and quite enough, there are people from the USA. On the whole our clan’s community isn’t united by ethnicity. Our clan belongs to a Purple Alliance that was created by clans that before GM expand fought against each other on the Iberian Peninsula, in this case the confrontation escalated into a healthy strong friendship.

GoHa.Ru: Tell us how things are going on the global map on your server, which strong alliances have already proved themselves in battle on a global map and what is the overall political situation?

On the global map I would say that the most CW action takes place over Northern Europe and Spain but its hard to say for sure as our alliance keeps a distant eye on provinces not in our immediate vicinty. At first Europe was held by the most experienced and battle hardened tournament clans 1Pad, 1SBP, CSA, and friends referred to RGB alliance. Pound for pound this is probably the strongest alliance on the CW map. However due to force of numbers and co-ordination between 3 lesser alliances - Rebellion, Iberica and Hurricane (of which Shiny is a proud member) we were able to unseat RGB at least for a substantial period.
That being said the clan that has won the most CW battles is ODV and this clan has proven itself a fierce competitor able to withstand extreme pressure. Other notable clans are FTC that has striken fear into its opponents by holding Crimea LZ for an unbelievable 55 days beating off most of the best clans, and PTS who have blazed a trail into enemy territories with a single stack of 15. FTC have proven themselves the most accomplished diplomats as is evidenced by the record amount territory that they hold and income they make - substantially more than anyone else.
As long as the agreement between Iberica, Hurricane and Rebellion holds, I would say that this coalition is strongest force on the CW map at present, but I may be wrong!
Well at first the RGB alliance was the undisputed leader of the European server. But I think that their diplomacy let them down and this provoked action in the lesser clans and consequently we are in a constant state of flux with RGB fighting off the coallition and vica versa. I cant speak for the Russian server although I do take a peek at it from time to time - like a little brother looking into his big brother's toy chest. On that topic, I would like to put a shout out to RKKA on russian server, comrades from another game.

There are a few powerful Alliances and several smaller ones who fight for the control of the European server. The former most dominant Alliance RGB was practically eliminated from the map by a coalition of clans and Alliances. Now they are fighting to make a comeback. Also there are still many powerful clans who don’t yet have a stable land for themselves. The map is still in motion.

Green Alliance led by TD42 took profitable territory of Arabia and Asia. East Corps of Purple Alliance lost a lot of areas, and its future will be challenging. Purple Alliance conducts a successful war against the former Orange Alliance in Africa. In general, Africa at whole is now under the banner of the Union "Freedom" to prove once again that in MMO democracy loses totalitarianism. Many previously known clans are now experiencing hard times, and brands now are being actively changing. The old clans are forgotten, and in the GM arena there are new and young leaders. The active opposition of the Red Alliance and the Union of Alliances "Freedom" is expected shortly in areas of the Mediterranean and the landings in North Africa.

murgen[UNC]: In general, as in any MMO, an alliance that has the desire and opportunity combines a critical mass of middle and, more importantly, top companies and has achieved the objective domination on the Russian server. I'm talking about the Red Alliance. At the moment it keeps under control the most "prestigious" territories of the GM.
Also on the server there are still some major alliances, with a lot of importance. First, it is the patriarchs of WoT, i.e. clans and alliances created before the introduction of the very possibility of creating clans and alliances. Green Alliance is united around three clans: TD-42, APC and SC. At this time this alliance had grown with new clans and said goodbye to SC, but the top companies of the alliance are no worse than top-end companies of Red Alliance. Also Steel Alliance is worth mentioning, once it was the main opponent of the Red Alliance, but currently lost the bulk of the top companies, and thereafter its influence on the GM.
Another alliance very well-known in his time was Entente. In contrast to previous alliances it was established on principles of anarchy in a good sense of the word, but ... Unfortunately, the prosperity of the anarchist system is possible only upon condition of increased self-awareness and self-regulation among members of the anarchist society, so this alliance has not passed the test by fire and collapsed . At the moment it exists, but it is only a shadow of the alliance, which we saw at his time in France.
Next are relatively new alliances that were created after the introduction of the Global Map. BSK is an Orange alliance created around a long-known clans, such as the RKKA, and entirely new clans that have declared themselves yet on GM, it is such clans as the WAR-A and WAR-B, DWT, and others. Later a few natives of the Entente entered the Orange Alliance, and many clans have realized that it’s impossible to achieve success on GM single-handedly anymore.
Ultramarines is another new alliance, if I remember correctly, it incurred after the extension of GM. Till now it’s a dark horse, because it has not caught reload (Red Alliance action, during which Reds passed the whole map from end to end, and all the clans were able to show what they can do in combat and on diplomatic level). However, in my opinion, it has good potential.
Purple alliance is based on clans that in former times were fighting against each other in the Iberian Peninsula. The war was harsh, but fair, opponents respected each other, during the Red Alliance attack on the peninsula they stood shoulder to shoulder in defense of their lands, and after the "reset" these clans have decided to work together. In it, as I wrote above, is included my clan.
Also, just at the moment a new alliance is gaining, whose founder is the clan G_o_W. This alliance is based on the curious principle. While most of alliances are trying to grab more gold, the leader of the alliance itself is ready to provide everything needed to its fighters; this alliance is configured not for farming, but for war. It consists of many experienced clan, such as Caimans and Under-bush Crawlers as well as single top players, and some great free company commanders (they did not join other clans but collected grab-bags in a company battles, which often give points to top companies of known clans), the whole "being" of G_o_W alliance promises to be interesting.
It is now difficult to say something about the political situation on the GM, there are some attempts to union alliances to deal with dominators - Red Alliance, but for some reason so far these attempts were not successful. Just like in real global politics, everyone is looking for his own advantage, and for this reason "anti-red coalition" had too short life to at least draw attention to them. Also, all the alliances managed to collect enemies, and much less got allies. Plus, the situation is constantly changing - as usual.

GoHa.Ru: I couldn’t find a clearly defined dominating alliance on your server, unlike on the Russian one. On the contrary here is a balance – everybody play, everybody fight. Why do you think the situation on the global map was developed differently on two servers – strong dominating alliance appeared on Russian one, not European?

It's possible that this pattern is based on different sociological mindsets of Europeans and Russians, with Euros used to lots of small independent countries and Russia more comfortable with large power blocks.

There were an dominating Alliance called RGB, but they were taken down by a coalition of Alliances and clans. Now there is a balance of power between several smaller Alliances who fear over extending themselves.

GoHa.Ru: How you think why on the European server did not appear the dominant alliance, as it happened on the Russian server? What may be the reason?

Moonkiss[RED]: The European server is more youthful. Many clans probably not yet had time to prove themselves. They still have a chance to come together after the merger of servers in the face of the Red Menace.

murgen[UNC]: Different countries of the “united” Europe have too closed sociums in contrast to the post-Soviet states. It’s simpler for us to unite, because in the real world we got used to multinationality.

GoHa.Ru: Sooner or later the global map will become common for everybody. What do you think about it? Does this prospect make you a little scared or on the contrary you are happy?

We have been thinking about the fabled 'merger' for some time. In fact even worst of enemies in Europe contemplate the day when co-operation may be required to survive the strength and numbers of a Russian invassion! Personally I am looking forward to the merger not only because of the new challenge this provides but also for the opportunity to start from scratch in a new region with new maps and new enemies.
Of course the time limitations for regions based on their location should provide a natural balance, favouring teams that can assemble at a convenient time. It will be hard for a Russian clan to be fighting a Northern European time zone unless they have players on at 5am

We eagerly wait for the World map to get a chance to test ourselves against good players also from other regions. It will be very interesting to see what happens when powerful factions from different regions meet on the common World map and how will it affect the dynamics of the CW-map.

Moonkiss[RED]: I look forward to it, there would be a very interesting fight against Europe. We’ve seen the high level of Polish players during the Moscow finals on Ural Steel. Sure that they would show themselves at its best on GM and most likely it is against them we will have the basic battles. The situation on the GM will resemble the political and military picture of the early 20th century. Most likely, Poland will become a temporary boundary between the European clans and the Red Alliance. Next we’ll see whose shock companies and coordinators will be stronger on GM.

murgen[UNC]: I'm just glad and really looking forward to this association. At least, it is interesting to see what path will take the diplomacy between the Red Alliance, the rest of the community, and Russian western clans.

GoHa.Ru: How do you rate your chances after a wipe of the global map, will you succeed in occupying the same territories which you own now?

We probably wont go for the same territories, mainly because we would like to play a whole new set of maps, but also because Hurricane currently holds 2 of the highest value regions of the map in an area that is heavilly contested. Realistically we may prefer to go for somewhere a little less high profile.

We haven’t decided yet where we are going to place ourselves. We think we will be able to secure a land for ourselves, but you never know what will happen.

Moonkiss[RED]: It depends on the time zones. Most likely, we will not be able to keep Western Europe precisely because of the inconvenient time. Now the time zones of Western Europe are "adapted" to RU community, but after the expansion of GM namely Western Europe will become less available to us. The main battles will be in Eastern and Central Europe. It based on the mechanics of GM that the west located clans have an advantage on the defensive, as they previously see the enemy attacks and they have time to take countermeasures. European clans will try to keep the borders of time zones, the Red Alliance will try to break it and go deep into enemy territory to the west. I'm sure it will be interesting to participants as well as to spectators.

murgen[UNC]: I'm not sure we want to take precisely those territories on which now trains our alliance. We develop and our geopolitical interests are evolving with us.

GoHa.Ru: You have probably heard about some nationalistic moments preceding the server merging: the general consolidation of alliances against players from another server, a holy war and stuff like that. How do you look at it? Do alliances on your server talk about certain joint operations against a common threat?

Yes joint operations even between RGB and the coallition remains possible. I am sure some discussion has already taken place and I think, at least at first, the majority of European clans will look to stick together. Co-operation between European and Russian teams will be harder due to the language barrier, but where there is a will there is a way.

We haven’t heard anything about a Holy War, but there is talk about what will happen after the server mergers. With tank freezing coming into the game the half year advantage in grinding for top tier tanks could give Russian players a enormous advantage on tanks and CW-experience.

Moonkiss[RED]: As I understand it is a question for the European Server? In the Russian the war against a common threat is permanent.

murgen[UNC]: IMHO, threatening are Russian clans, and not the opposite, sorry if someone insulted ... My clan takes most of the opponents as partners in the game, I do not admit the nationalism, not counting the humor in the spirit of the "Soviet people must travel in Europe only in a tank." In any case, any nationalist saying of my colleague is the occasion for penalties - up to kick from the clan. Of course, the fight against foreign community has its own spice.

GoHa.Ru: Are you afraid of playing with high ping in areas belonging to another server?

Short ans - No. This is mainly because I have fairly low settings and FPS anyway so i play the game for not realistic immersion but for strategy and team play. But if the ping creates problems with aiming etc then that may be a big problem.

Of course there is always a risk in playing on a server with a higher ping, but we aren’t too concerned about latency. The problem is the same for everyone.

Moonkiss[RED]: In Europe, the ping is not as critical as, for example, in America. Now we are playing at the Euro server in preparation for the tournament ESL, and we have no problems with ping.

murgen[UNC]: I was quite happy with "German ping", in general, after moving to Moscow an average ping of the clan has grown. We have a lot of Ukrainians, Belarusians and citizens of the Baltic states.

GoHa.Ru: You must have read our recent interview with Kirill Mal, game designer responsible for the global map. How do you feel about the upcoming innovation that in the meanwhile is conventionally dubbed "tanks freeze?"

Yes, I read this interview with great interest. Personally I don't care. I know that Russian clans will have an advantage now as they have had more time to grind, but as long as it isn't rushed in, and comes after T30 -> T100 and IS4 -> Obj 252 and not before October, I see no problem.
But one concern is that it is only the 'destroyed' tanks that are locked. It's possible that this will be lead to more passive gameplay, unless teams can adapt to better executed rushes where the tanks live (if that's possible)
I note that in the interview Kirill Mal says, 'there will be no freezing after landing tournament encounters', which is how it should be. However there has been some rumours that locks will be applied to LZ battles. This would be a disaster for new or smaller clans and must not happen.

As we mentioned in the sixth question it does give a large advantage to players who played on the Russian server. Also we are concerned that it favors big established clans too much, thus it will make it practically impossible for smaller and casual clans to break into the World map.

Positive. Fights will be well-considered where every player will have a big responsibility for the safety of his tank. I'm sure it will help to raise player’s skill.

murgen[UNC]: It will be difficult, but interesting. Plus, I finally will be able to go into battle on the PT because I prefer that class in WoT, but at the moment it is absolutely not competitively with T-30 and now E-100.

GoHa.Ru: What do you think about other innovations? Will the introduction of various treaties of alliance greatly affect gameplay? What about the fact that provinces cut off from the base will not bring income?

Yes I think these changes will have a very big effect, mostly for the good. Preventing clans from attacking a NAP partner for a fixed period of time is probably a good thing. Backstabbing is fun and creates drama but at the end of the day it also breaks friendships, teams and can turn people off the game. However some clans may wish to keep their alliance secret or use the ability to manipulate CW times by attacking each other before enemies do, in which case they will not use the treaty function.
The ability to move forces through each other's territories without loosing ownership will probably be the biggest driver of treaties.
As for the fact that provinces cut off from the base will not bring income, I think that this is a good thing too, but I am sure others will disagree. I like the fact that this will discourage territories from becoming too large, as the larger the territory the more vunerable it is to being cut in a spot and loosing income. But it will discourage little adventures in other regions, to try new maps, as winning CWs often costs gold and, without gold, these attacks will be of no value.
In short, I like the fact that new clans will be get some help in this way as large clans wont want to hog all the territory, but don't like the fact that more established clans will have less opportunites to try new maps and new regions.

It will make co-operation inside Alliances a lot easier and more effective. Not getting gold income from cut off provinces will promote the strategic aspect of the gameplay. For our style of play it won’t be a problem.

Innovations in bases would be inconvenient not only to a group of clans RED, but to all the alliances that are actively fighting in the vast area in different time zones. But these developments will not weaken us; we just have to invent a way to efficiently set our clans, and how to transfer companies to another part of map with the least loss in revenue from the provinces. But the new alliance that would like to repeat our way to the dominance on GM will now be much harder.

murgen[UNC]: As well as Moonkiss, I think that "cut slices" are infidels, but, given the input of the nomads, perhaps justified. But, I would like to see from the very beginning of GM the fog of war. In general, I think, innovation will make a better impact on the tactical part of the game. Deep interface, of course, will reduce the severity, because now an ally can’t suddenly hit in the back, and will lead to trench warfare. But to say something with confidence, you should see the final version, and, how I feel, at the meantime the developers are not completely sure how will all this look like in the final.

Tell me honestly, are you scared by the possibility of collision with numerous and experienced alliances from Russian server?

Scarred? No, it's a game and we are battled hardened CW vets. Shiny was born to fight team battles and CWs is the best arena for this.

TheFinn[FTC]: Not afraid. We enjoy testing ourselves against good clans and the merge will bring fresh blood to the field that force us to adapt and try different strategies and tactics . In our opinion the servers should have been merged from day one, but we’re glad to see that the merge will be reality some day soon.

GoHa.Ru: Tell me honestly, are you scared by the possibility of collision with European alliances? They are not so numerous, but an unknown to you quantity can seriously spoil all your plans.

I'm sure that will not be easy, but we will be able to achieve our objectives and take the territories according to plan, focusing on the time zone rather than on the strength of opponents.

murgen[UNC]: I don’t think so. I believe that foreign companies will be able to oppose something to the "Soviet power" only after long battles with us. As you know, the battles are improving on both sides.

GoHa.Ru: How do you think, will international alliances appear after the unification of the global map, which would combine both the Russian-speaking and European clans?

Yes I think it's possible but the language barrier is a problem. The different time zones could work either way. It would make it harder to meet and talk, but having a friendly clan on the edge of a territory where timezones becomes inconvenient could become a necessity.

A common goal unifies. If a common goal or threat rises, it will unify people across the map, no matter what nationality or server the clan came from. We hope that in the future cooperation between English speaking and Russian speaking clans will be widespread.

Moonkiss[RED]: Alliances will appear, but there is another question whether they would be presented on the GM and whether they will be successful. Most likely, the biggest of them, separated by a language barrier, but united by a common idea, will seek to capture the German territory...

murgen[UNC]: They already are, and their number will increase. Moreover, it is likely such alliances in the future could oppose something to the Red Alliance.

GoHa.Ru: And finally, do you wish to say a few words to your future opponents from a different server?

Yes, please underestimate us.

You bring the vodka and we will bring the pickles.

Moonkiss[RED]: The RED is far closer than you think.

murgen[UNC]: We look forward to meeting and pleasing fights.

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