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Jagdtiger – new premium turtle

Jagdtiger – new premium turtle

Historical reference

Jagdtiger, fully named Panzerjäger Tiger, is a German self-propelled gun (SPG) dating back to the World War II, tank destroyer class, heavy. It was designated bearing the index of Sd.Kfz.186. Jagdtiger was developed in 1942-1944, equipped with the chassis of the German heavy tank “Tiger II” and became the most heavy piece of armored machinery to be ever produced serially.
Jagdtiger was being produced since 1944 untill 1945, but because of faults with supplies and factories being destroyed by aerial bombardments, only 70 to 79, reports vary, numbers of these SPGs were completed. Because of the small number of these machines, their unreliability and constant lack of fuel, combat applications of Jagdtigers were limited and wouldn’t affect the course of the war, however, all of the machines that did see combat, proved their ability to easily destroy any of the armored vehicles that were used by the members of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, all while being almost invulnerable for frontal attacks. Nevertheless, many of these SPGs were simply abandoned by their crews when ammunition would run out, fuel deplete or the machine had taken damage.

Opinions of players

GoHa.Ru: It came to our knowledge that the developers are planning to introduce a new premium 8th tier AT soon – Jagdtiger with 8.8 L/71. Why this exact AT-SPG is planned to be introduced?

murgen[UNC]: I see the situation this way: there are two premium machines planned for the USSR branch – KV-5 and IS-6. German analogue of IS-6 is Lowe, and Jagdtiger may become the mirror of KV-5. Add the minimal amount of updating for the in-game model and research into the premium AT popularity. Actually, I thought that the next to be implemented would be the stormtiger with 88mm, this machine actually was either on papers or even got produced. I’ve not heard anything about 88mm Jagdtiger though.

Ratis[RKKA]: It’s obvious. The Jag’s model is already finished, the gun is finished, so no need to distract programmers from their work. 8th Tier premium heavy tanks are plenty, premium medium tank was also introduced (which was made on the basis of t54’s model, by the way), so now it’s the turn of AT fans.

GoHa.Ru: Do you think that players will be interested in such premium vehicle? After all, it’s the first premium AT-SPG.

murgen[UNC]: Yes, I think it will be popular. It won’t cause such an uproar as the introduction of the Lowe+KV-5 couple, but it will be at least on the level of Type-59.

Ratis[RKKA]: It’s popularity will depend on many factors, but I think it will find it’s fans. There are many players who like ATs, so, unless the price will be through the roof, many will buy it.

GoHa.Ru: This AT’s gun was already seen on the top Tiger variant. It looks pretty weak for an 8th Tier AT, really. What do you think?

murgen[UNC]: You’re forgetting that Jagdtiger’s cabin is much more spacious than the Tiger’s tower. That means increased reload speed, maybe even faster than the already quick speed of targeting, all of that together with the great accuracy makes a really decent 8th Tier gun. Actually, we’re getting StuG III but with Jagdtiger’s armor and the damage output of Tiger I; simply speaking, it's a moving sniper machinegun.

Ratis[RKKA]: For an 8th Tier premium machine 200mm armor piercing will suffice, plus there will be the bonus to invisibility for a low caliber gun. I guess it won’t be enough to destroy a Maus, but KT and IS-3 will be blowing up rather quickly.

GoHa.Ru: The armor of Jagdtiger seems a bit excessive for 8th Tier, if it’s left unchanged in premium AT. What do you think?

murgen[UNC]: It’s great armor for an 8th Tier machine, no need to reduce it, as it’s true to the historical parameters, however, it’s speed and maneuverability are likely to get hit… After all, it was a very slow machine in reality. Let’s wait for the testing.

Ratis[RKKA]: The armor is Jag’s constant problem. It’s not enough for a 9th Tier. But, for an 8th Tier it will be just so – 150mm forehead armor should suffice against 8th Tier guns. Invulnerable cabin is a nice addition.

GoHa.Ru: In the light of the upcoming company battle mode, that will introduce the champion division with the maximum available 8th Tier of vehicles, what do you think about the usability of setups consisting solely of premium machines?

murgen[UNC]: I think that companies consisting of mostly Lowe, KV-5 and IS-6 will be very popular as farm companies. Jagdtiger might find it’s place in farm companies as well, but it will depend on how far the developers go in nerfing it’s speed and maneuverability. Type-59 doesn’t look as good compared to the other options, but it will find it’s way in these companies too. All in all, there is a tendency of 8th Tier company battles being introduced together with the large quantities of 8th Tier premium tanks, I guess this type of company battles will become known as farm battles.

Ratis[RKKA]: It’s possible that there will be setups consisting of premium tanks, but, mostly of heavy tanks. If we’re considering ATs, then the ones from leveled branches are better.

GoHa.Ru: In all honesty, are you going to buy this machine yourself?

murgen[UNC]: No, I'd rather get Czechoslovakian SU-100, and as for the Jagdtiger, I'd prefer to level the ordinary one with normal weapons.

Ratis[RKKA]: I'm unlikely to buy it, not a fan of premium machines.

Developer Q&A

GoHa.Ru: In the former interview you said that you were satisfied with the current number of premium vehicles and are planning to focus on the main tank branches. What’s the reason for the sudden appearance of the Jagdtiger 8th Tier premium AT with 8,8 L/71 cannon? Even though I can’t neglect that players are anxious to try out a new premium AT-SAU and Art-SAU.

Sergei Burkatovsky: But we are focusing on the main branches. Just about to finish the Frenchmen. However, we keep adding premiums slowly as well. I don’t see any contradictions there.

GoHa.Ru: Why the Jagdtiger? There are quite a few interesting German AT-SPGs that are yet to be represented in the game. For example, the Stormtiger (Sturmpanzer VI) or you have some plans for this unusual machine?

Sergei Burkatovsky: That’s because we want to squeeze in at least the most German anti-tank animals in the main branches. And we already have one Jagdtiger in the main branch.

GoHa.Ru: The premium version of Jagdtiger will have quite a weak 8,8 L/71 gun, pretty much, the top gun of the first Tiger, are you planning to increase it’s rate of fire?

Sergei Burkatovsky: We’ll see. We’re likely to balance the premium Jagdtiger one level below the usual one, so with the standard armor, the standard firing speed might be just enough. But if we have to we will increase it.

GoHa.Ru: Considering that the premium Jagdtiger will belong to the 8th Tier, how much are you going to nerf it’s impressive armor? When pitted against 9-10th Tier machines this AT doesn’t look too threatening, but an 8th Tier will have great problems battling such forehead armor.

Sergei Burkatovsky: We rarely adjust armor, so this machine will take a lot of meddling. We might reduce it’s hit points, but even that’s not set in stone.

GoHa.Ru: Will the level reduction affect other parameters of this tank, namely the speed and maneuverability?

Sergei Burkatovsky: It’s almost assured that we will give premium-Jagdtiger it’s real engine. So the dynamics will be comparable to the “main” Jagdtiger. Maybe slightly better because of it’s reduced weight.

GoHa.Ru: I have to ask about the price of this AT-SPG. I’m guessing you can’t tell an exact number, but tell us at least if it’s going to be closer to the nowadays price of Lowe or KV-5?

Sergei Burkatovsky: We’re not usually announcing any prices beforehand, so no comment on that.

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This will be the final blow to JagdTiger users .
The german TD line is hard to level up, and it's not rewarding . Jagdtiger is an below average Tier9... Now everyone will be able to buy one !!

At least you recognize it's not armored enough , and too slow , that s a point, but you also added "We rarely adjust armor". no illusion for the regular JT then .

So a tier 9 tank hull is going to be sell out as tier 8 without any nerf, even worse it speed/acc will be boosted !
The 88mm gun is still an excellent gun, the regular JT can't use it ..
this tank is not standing as a tier 9, and you admit it !! instead of working on it
it will be repackaged as a tier 8 and sold to make money. (It s hard to hear for a fellow player)

The prestige a user has of owning a Jadgtiger is now sold to everyone .
The regular tier9 JT come with a price, it s expensive to maintain, the premium user are goind to make money with it . how nice .
People played thousand of battles for a bad tank, now it is for sale !

Would it come to your mind to sell IS-4 , or IS-3 to everyone? Even for the T54 you at least remodeled it and renamed it .

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agree with your points.
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I'd like to point out that this subject is of heated debate even on the WoT NA forums.

We're not pleased with it at all on several points :
  • The JagdTiger has notoriously weak armor on the lower plate, sides and rear making even a modest tier 6 French Light a threat
  • The Tank Destroyer by definition is supposed to excel at accuracy, damage, rate of fire, camo value, and mobility. The 88 L/71, while accurate, will have no real firepower against the tier 9's such as the IS-8 and M103's it will most certainly face and simply be cannon fodder with little to no camo value
  • The 88 L/100, while not a historically accurate weapon to the TD, is a superior choice that meets the balance of penetration, and rate of fire, at the cost of alpha damage. The extra penetration is only 30mm but every little bit helps. Furthermore, the 88 L/71 while historically accuate, was the least used variation of the JagdTiger produced (only 4 were completed out of 12 that were to be built due to a lack of gun sights!)
  • The 7.3 Open test patch notes clearly stated that this TD and the IS-6 would be available to SuperTesters to .. well, test. This is ONLY applicable to RU Supertesters, which is yet another shot in the arm to the NA Supertest community - some who have been idle and awaiting an assignment for over 6 months! If you're not going to allow the NA or EU Supertest teams access to these tanks, then you shouldn't even disclose that information in the patch notes. Why give them false hope?
  • No one... absolutely nobody in their right mind will lay down real cash for a tank they never even had an opportunity to test, and formulate their own opinion about - especially one as seemingly controversial as this one.
I had really high hopes for this TD, and was willing to purchase one, even though I have a fully elited tier 9 JagdTiger already. This tank destroyer itself is a massive let-down before it even comes out of the gate. Basically what Wargaming is saying to the NA and EU playerbase is "Look, you're going to like it, you're not going to be able to test it and form your own non-biased opinions on it. Just take our word for it."

Sorry, but no. I'd much rather know what I'm getting in to before I vote with my dollar; That's what a 'public test' is supposed to be all about.

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I have the JT 8.8cm, and have mixed feelings about it:
  • Up against T8 and less its 88mm gun is great, with fast reload times and excellent accuracy. It excels as a sniper.
  • Faced with higher tiers it will struggle. It is easily penetrated frontally, and the 88L71 is no match for T9 and T10 oponents. The gun is simply too weak to penetrate the heavyier tanks. Why not give us the 88L100?
  • It is very slow, turns very slowly, and very vulnerable to side attacks. When outflanked it dies fast if there is no support.
My greatest dissapointment is the front armour. It is simply not strong enough!

Still, it is a moneymaker.
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All premium tanks a weakened. Their strong side is money making.
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Hello Guys, Wow, its good to see that you have been posted about Panzerjäger Tiger, this Tanker is Newly launched and It consist of various types of Guns and the most Important Gun is SPG, which are attached in Back side and it is portable. Well you can check more information of the gun at here surf essay Please go the Guns Section and Search for SPG and in the results you will have more than 100 types of SPGs and each will have full Description about Functionality.

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