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IS-6 - the new farm-machine for USSR

IS-6 - the new farm-machine for USSR

Historical reference

From the 13-17th of November 1943 Chief Design Department (OGK) of NKTP together with VAMM of Stalin and NATI under the general command of chief's assistant of GBTU I. Lebedev completed the development of TTT for "high powered assault self moving tank".

Sketches were drawn up by the construction bureau of Chelyabinsk Kirov Factory (CKZ) from the beginning of December 1943 to the summer of 1944.

The original plan was to construct a tank with the combat compartment and electric mechanical machinery located in the
rear as per "Ferdinand's assault artillery". In the end, by the middle of 1944, two different tanks were put forward.

"Object 252"
had the same transmission as the IS-3, but larger leg wheels were used in it's running gear, and it had no supporting wheel. The main feature of the "Object 252" was the usage of an electrical transmission. The setup of electric transmission was to simplify the tank's operation and increase it's maneuverability. In this case, the running gear was similar to that of IS-2.

In the summer of 1944
the first production models were rolled out by Uralmachzavod as СKZ was busy working on series of machines and "Object 701". The electric-mechanical transmission for the tank and also the working draft were also developed here.

in testing both tanks were inferior to the "Object 701" in armored defense, and they were out-gunned and out-manoeuvred.

IS-6 with
its mechanical transmission had no upsides in comparison to other heavy tanks and "Object 253" The tank was scrapped due to it's huge mass, and low reliability of its electrical transmission.

The tank was never exported.

That looks really scary

Seasoned players opinions: we already know, the developers decided not to include IS-6 in the game, why would they replace a yet to be included tank with another machine?

KycoK_Ov4arku[RED]: Judging by the released performance data, photos and the construction, IS-6 is very similar. Which, the developers have said, has unjustly lowered characteristics because of it's tier 9.Now it will perform more realistically. So why introduce a new tank if the IS-4 should receive what is due first?

murgen[UNC]: Even though IS-6 is quite an interesting machine, with it being a tier 9 it'll have to be pulled on the globe with the same amount of effort as the second pantera. It would be fairly good as a tier 8 heavy tank, or even a tier 8 premium tankas a counterpart to the Lowe, but not beyond that. The game lacks the very famous and massively produced T-10, also known as the IS-8, and this one would really fit into tier 9, so I don't think the developers made the right choice.

GoHa.Ru:Judging by the screenshots, the IS-6 isn't particularly beautiful, but it did look like an ancestor of the IS-7. It had steep armor angles, large turret and even the machinegun characteristic machinegun. Do you think the 120mm armor angled this way would provide adequate protection for a tier 9?

A cast turretin this shape, with a massive gun should provide sufficient protection for the front, I think, but the sides will be easy to penetrate. You can't say the same about the front of the body, even with such an extreme angle, the armor willprobably be able to withstand most hits, but the large hatch makes it all go to waste during close combat. Maybe on greater ranges it will be effective. The sides of the body with their angles are likely to protect well at range, but paper close up.

murgen[UNC]: It reminds me of a beefed up Americal PT M10/36 :о). No, even good angling wouldn't be able to protect this machine from equally leveled opponents, let alone tier 10's. In addition, the rear is 60mm thick and the angles on the sides aren't that steep. So, it wouldn't stand a chance even against the "tapok" (sleeper).

GoHa.Ru:Do you think that we might see this machine in-game? Maybe as a premium tank?

If the developers decide not to introduce this tank and replace it, premium status won't substitute for it.

murgen[UNC]: Yes, I think it will be the Lowe's Russian opposite and T34 in the Soviet tree.

GoHa.Ru:Lowe has a great cannon, KV-5 has armor, that's their defining features. What do you think the defining feature of the IS-6 will be, if it becomes a tier 8 premium tank?

In this case it has to be the golden middle of the tier 8 premium tanks. More durable than Lowe in armor, and surpassing KV-5 in DPM, most importantly - the coefficient of credit gain should be on par.

murgen[UNC]:It will probably play out in this way: Lowe has an amazing gun and fine survivability on the battlefield, T34 has great turret armor and a goodgun, and the IS-6 has both good overall armour and cannon. KV-5 looks like a gochkiss analog to me, the sandbox destroyer, but in 4-7 Tier range, it won't enter the golden three because of it's cannon.

GoHa.Ru: After the recently announced changes to the global map, namely the long tank disables, do you think if tier 9 heavies are going to find their place?

They surely will among the progressing and middle-level clans, even now they often have to use them. Top-clans will have to have all the five tier 10 heavies(IS-7\T30\Maus\E100\IS-4) frozen, so in case of increased combat activity, they'd have to start using tier 9 heavies.

murgen[UNC]: Yes and no. The top-clans will struggle for a bit until the obtain the maximum number of tier 10's (considering the E-series, IS-4 and others, there will be quite a few) so they will be able to easily pass them from one member to the next. On the other hand, tier 8 and 9 heavies, and other types of machinery in their class, will be used by the novice and solid middle-tier clans. In any case, I think they won't get past tier 10. However, if I have to choose between ob.704 and IS-8, I'm not sure who I will send into battle...

I don't know why, but I like the machinegun on the tower the most. It looks really cool

Developers Q&A:

GoHa.Ru: You have already explained why you are moving the IS-4 to Tier 10 — overly high characteristics for a tier 9, great cannon and armor, good speed etc. And now you’re about to replace the Object 252, also known as the IS-6, with it. After looking through it’s performance data I have to say that you’ve tricked us when you said that you were replacing the IS-4 because of it’s performance data, as the IS-4 the Object 252 possesses really formidable characteristics for a tier 9 heavy. If that’s really so, won’t you have to nerf, nerf and nerf it to put it in line with other tier 9s?

Tiger – Petr Bitiukov, game-dev and top tank-man: No, it’s the exactly the opposite of the IS-6.The IS-4's performance characteristics are somewhat lowered in-game currently., to keep it on even ground with other tier 9 heavy tanks, but the real life characteristics made the IS-6 impossible to drag to tier 9. Mainly, because its armor was weak it would be adequate if it was a tier 8 heavy tank, but not a tier 9 heavy tank.

GoHa.Ru:Surely, the IS-6 differs greatly from the IS-4 and looks like the ancestor of the all-loved IS-7. The same unbelievable sloped armor, slightly flattened large turret, even the sight of which destroys anyonewho dares to oppose it,and a similar large calibre gun.The machinegun on its' turret is also similar. When the other tanks are concerned, I’m usually interested in the armor’s weak points, but in this case, I’m afraid that the 120mm of front armor angled this way might be too much. Many players know well of the marvelous ricochets of Soviet armor and Object 252 looks like it will bring it to a new level. I might be wrong, though, so please tell us how tough the armor of this new Soviet wonder will really be?

Tiger: The upper glacius body sheet was set at 65 degree angle from the vertical and was 100mm thick. The lower glaciusl sheet was 120mm thick, but was set at 52 degree from the vertical. The bilge body sheets were 100mm thick and were setup under 62 degree angle from the vertical and possessed the 40 degree rotation angle.
The edge armor was 100mm thick, rear sheets were as thick as 60mm. As you can see from these characteristic, in armored defense IS-6 is closer to the late variant of
the IS-2, rather than IS-4.

GoHa.Ru: If we are to trust the popular encyclopedias, IS-4 was produced and equipped with a 122mm D-25 gun, which currently is a stock item with unimpressive characteristics. The more advanced 122mm D-30 was often setup on the IS-6, but something tells me the IS-6 will also be graced with a better gun, So, which weapon are you planning to grace this tank with? Maybe it’ll be something original and not the already tried 130mm S-70, used by IS-4 and IS-7?

Tiger: Considering IS-6’s placement in the premium tank category, just like the other premium tanks, it’ll be issued with the authentic historical, non-replaceable weapon – 122mm D-30 cannon, which possessed several advantages over the D-25. In particular, the venting system, that cooled the barrel with pressured air after shooting, which allowed increased rate of fire, while avoiding any damage done to the crew.

GoHa.Ru: Unfortunately, this machine was barely faster than the IS-4 – only 35 km/h, in spite of it’s visuals suggesting it’s a quicker machine. How fast and maneuverable IS-6 will really be?

Tiger: The final parameters have yet to be decided, based on results acquired from testing, but IS-6’s maximum speed will likely to be no different from it’s historical 35 km/h. Even though the specific power of “Object 252” was quite good for a heavy tank.

GoHa.Ru: So what will be used instead of the IS-6 on the Soviet heavy tank tree?

Tiger: The new tier 9 heavy tank will be the IS-8, the heavy Soviet tank. However its an early version of the tank called the T-10.

GoHa.Ru: Do you think that this machine will be used in Clan Wars especially considering the upcoming tank freezes? If tanks become frozen for 5-6 days not only when killed, but also when damaged, not just tier 10 heavies, but even tier 9's, will it be worth it’s weight in gold?

Tiger: I think tier 9 heavy tanks could be quite useful in clan wars, but the IS-6 will be an tier 8 heavy tank, so it’ll find it’s niche, most likely in company battles with Tier limits and championships.

GoHa.Ru: The shift of the IS-4 and introduction of the IS-6 were pushed from July to an unknown date, could we get an ETA?

Tiger: I can only answer with the classic Soon™.

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I believe somewhere stats Object.252 could go 43 km/hr. The tank already lacks armour and the gun can't pen much, hence it needs speed.
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It might be too early to complain, tank is not even in tests yet.

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