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World of Tanks - Interview with "Global Map Boss" Kirill Mal

GoHa.Ru: Can you please tell us about the upcoming feature: "Tank Freezing". What is it and how will it work?

Kirill Mal: Vehicles destroyed during a Clan Wars battle have to wait for some time before they can join another Clan Wars battle.

GoHa.Ru: Well, we still have a lot of questions: For example, how long will the tank be "Frozen" for tanks such as tier 10 heavy tanks, tier 9 medium tanks and tier 8 artillery... will it be different for each of them? Will any destroyed tank be frozen, or is it only applicable for the tanks of the defeated team? Will this system operate during landing tournaments? And probably the most important question - when will this system be introduced?

Kirill Mal: I cannot definitively say how long each vehicle will be frozen for. It is a matter of fine-tuning, what I can say is that a destroyed tier 10 heavy tank will be locked for a couple of days. There will be no distinction between winning and losing, both will be locked, there will be no freezing after landing tournament encounters. The Final battle against the owner of the landing zone will be considered as a fight for the province and vehicles will be locked on defeat.
This system is seen as a priority and thus we work on it very hard. I think it will be introduced somewhere around autumn.

GoHa.Ru: Not so long ago you've mentioned that provinces, lying far from the headquarters will not produce a profit for their owners. Not a big deal from one side, but from another this will bring dramatic changes to the global map, can you please tell us about that? Why did you decide to do this and when will it be introduced?

Kirill Mal: The current situation where clans are able to gain profit from provinces far away from their own headquarters was our fault, and it should have been the way we want now, right from the beginning. The reason is quite simple: We wanted to see clans as states with territorial integrity. The feature has already been coded, and will will probably be introduced in a matter of weeks.

GoHa.Ru: If I am not mistaken, the next global map update will be of diplomatic nature, can you tell us what kind of diplomacy will be added? What pacts can clans make and what influence will they have on the global map.

Kirill Mal: 1. Non-aggression pact. Clans who have signed it will be physically unable to attack their partners.
2. Informational collaboration treaty. An alliance orientated treaty, allowing parties to freely exchange intelligence and location of their forces.
3. Treaty of mutual military assistance will allow parties to move forces through their partners' territories.
There are also treaties which allow clans to pay each other and give noninvasive provinces to each other.

GoHa.Ru: And after this update, will there be a possibility to make an alliance? I mean, will there be a mechanic for alliances?

Kirill Mal: You see, essentially the treaties I've mentioned are these alliances. I mean the clans that signed them have to be in an alliance.

GoHa.Ru: Will there be possibility for clans in alliance to attack each other?

Kirill Mal: Well, in this case clans will have to choose what's better for them: either to lead their forces through partner's territory or to attack him. So to answer your question: no, they cannot.

GoHa.Ru: You have also claimed that in the next update two new regions will be added: Africa and North America. Is this still the case and how big and wealthy will these regions be?

Kirill Mal: Yes, it is true. Earlier today I finished cutting them into provinces and gave them to our artists. The New regions will be quite big - e.g. I've cut every of USA states into 3-4 provinces. For example, Rhode Island is a province and Texas has 6 provinces in it.
As regards to income, North America (especially Canada and Mexico) will be comparable to Europe. Equatorial Africa won't be very profitable, though a little bit wealthier than Saharan region, south of Africa will have quite lucrative provinces though.

GoHa.Ru: In one of the interviews, you mentioned, that should Russian players whom want to conquer Washington, they will have to put up with high ping, as it will be bigger than the Moscow server cluster. Does this mean that there will be a so-called "roaming" system between different servers? Will this system be active - by the time of next global map update? Did this system cause the Clan Wars update delay?

Kirill Mal: No, it's not because of it. I think that we will introduce these regions before establishing "roaming" system. The delay is due to having to make many features simultaneously.

GoHa.Ru: You've also mentioned an interesting feature: Special achievements for clans. As an example you've referred to capture and retention of provinces of a certain country. Are there plans to introduce more common achievements like "10 encounters winning streak" or for capitals (key provinces) - with last level, consisting of "Attendance of every key province on the global map" (a sort of epic achievement).

Kirill Mal: Well, I can answer with one word - certainly.

GoHa.Ru: So, How will clans be able to add features to their provinces ? As I remember, you mentioned “Czech Hedgehogs”, will they be introduced in Komarin?

Kirill Mal: Well, the thing is that these hedgehogs, dragon's teeth, and pillboxes... maybe minefields, will be made available to clan leaders wherever they are consider necessary. But these are just plans, nothing set in stone.

GoHa.Ru: Correct me if I'm wrong, but your plans also had economical improvements for provinces, can you tell us more about the taxation system?

Kirill Mal: Yes, we are planning on adding a taxation system. Currently, income gained from the global map is not 100%, so the owner can increase taxes to gain more from different provinces, however like in the Total War series raising taxes can cause the population to become uneasy and could even lead to riots.

GoHa.Ru: What can you tell us about mercenaries (volunteers)? hired by clan leaders and serve as extra muscle.

Kirill Mal: This role can be taken up by any non-clan player, who checked "Ready to take part in Clan Wars" Option on his or her interface. If there was a mutiny in a province, they will be informed and then they can enter the battle for this province.

GoHa.Ru: Interesting. And what role will mercenaries take? Will these volunteers take the place of the mercenary? This whole concept has been changed so many times, have you abandoned it?

Kirill Mal: Well yes, they are going to be mercenaries. The old concept was abandoned.

GoHa.Ru: Well, I wouldn't call mercenaries volunteers - the whole concept of mercenarism is about returns. How will they profit, and will they be on the clan or rebels side?

Kirill Mal: Well, if they're recruited by the clan, then it is up to clan to pay them. And if they are fighting on the side of the rebels - then gold we be paid by Wargaming.

GoHa.Ru: Then everybody can become a mercenary, how will they be picked for an encounter? Will there be some sort of license or certificate for a mercenary, as seen in some MMOGs? And will the freezing rule be applicable to them?

Kirill Mal: They will be chosen by GBR (Great Belorussian Random) and we consider licenses to be superfluous. Freezing rule will be applicable to them as well.

GoHa.Ru: The Current global map situation plays out in the following way: An attack on a province always happens from one and the same respawn point, and defense - from another. It is really inconvenient on some of the maps, as it is really hard to balance. This can sometimes make it really difficult to defend (or defeat) a province against an experienced enemy. To put it bluntly - when enemies are equal in strength, the encounter can be decided not only by chance but also by the respawn point. Do you have any plans concerning changes to this system? Perhaps, something will be changed with the introduction of new attack and defense modes that Sergey Burkatovskiy mentioned?

Kirill Mal: No we aren't going to change this system as it correlates with our aim - to give clans the possibility to put fortifications wherever they want. However, the usage of other game modes in battles for provinces is possible.

GoHa.Ru: I remember you answer the question: "Why is the battle against the owner of the province conducted so late? It is so inconvenient!" (You replied that it should not be convenient as you want top clans to stop holding the landing zones and make it very disadvantageous for them). But the situation hasn't changed much - top clans and alliances are still able to hold landing zones located near their territories. Are there any plans to change this situation and put them at a greater disadvantage?

Kirill Mal: We have plans, and a lot of them. But I cannot reveal anything yet, I can only reassure you they're quite substantial.

GoHa.Ru: Most people who are interested have heard of “World of Warplanes”. But only a few know that you also have plans for another title: “World of Battleships”. I understand that you can't tell me anything yet. So I'll ask my question this way: do you plan, by any chance, to combine these three games into one, with a common global map, where powerful alliances will need not only tank companies to dominate, but also fighter and destroyer squadrons?

Kirill Mal: Yes, we have... and we plan to introduce a common global map.

GoHa.Ru: Thank you very much for your time!

Kirill Mal: Always a pleasure!

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