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Loot droprates

Hello, first of all congrats on the site and thanks for it, it looks great and definitely useful.

I was wondering if the percentages on droprates below 100% are accurate or merely "placeholders". I'm referring to items such as this one:

Now I wish it were 10% but from personal experience (thousands of them) and from people asserting to have killed in the tens of thousands I can most assuredly say it can't be as high as 10%. I'm well aware of how RNG works and indipendence in probablity theory and I'm well convinced the number is wrong.
It could be a rounding error somewhere in your parsing process, simply some kind of menial conversion issue or maybe a different one, in any case I'd be interested in knowing if that number is correct or a more precise one could be established.

Thank you! :)
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Hi, Nemo!
Thank you for using our database Archebox!

We are aware of this problem, therefore we'll remove droprate from the base now for that reason.
When we fix it, we'll return back this function.


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