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Visibility (Radio Range and View Range)

Visibility (Radio Range and View Range)

Radio Range and View Range work together to determine the overall ability to detect and see enemy tanks. Radio range allows you to broadcast the location you see enemies in and allows you to receive information about other tanks your teammates see. View range allows you to have a chance to detect enemies within your view range. Remember that view range means what you see in your screen, not what you see in your radar chart.

Radio Range

Two friendly vehicles can communicate if they are closer to each other than the sum of their respective radio ranges. Thus, a tank with a 300m range radio and a tank with 500m range can communicate up to 800m away.
All communication is a 2-way relationship between two vehicles: If you can communicate with a friendly vehicle, then you will know about any vehicles that he can see directly (including himself), and he will know about any vehicles you see directly. However, there is no chaining, or relaying of information: he can only tell you about any vehicles that he has spotted himself, not any that he knows about from radio communications with others. Again, that does not apply to the radar. Once an enemy is spotted by a friendly tank, the whole team will know it's position in the radar chart. It sounds foolish, but that makes a world of difference to an SPG in artillery mode.

Thus, you will know the location of;
  1. Any vehicles within your visual range, friend or foe.
  2. Any friendly vehicles within your combined radio ranges to them (individually), and any vehicles (friend or foe) within their visual range.

You are looking down a long street from your tank destroyer and do not see any enemies. However, when a friendly tank moves down the street, it spots an enemy tank that was there all along. As long as you are within radio range of that friendly tank, you will see that enemy tank just as if you are spotting it yourself.
  • Radio Range is affected by better radios.
  • Radio Range is affected by crew skill, in the sense of how fast and far you will detect and communicate said detection to teammates within your range. When Radioman is wounded or killed, your radio has only half of all attributes (speed, detection, communication range)
  • Radio Range is not affected by the size of the map (Ensk being a bit over 600m across and other maps around 1000m across).
View Range

In World of Tanks, your vehicle has a limited view range at which it can spot other vehicles (friendly or enemy). This view range is affected by your turret, crew skill, the other vehicle's profile, camouflage, whether its moving or firing, etc.
There are TWO critical components of this: View Range and Spotting Range. View Range is the value that you see inside the game. But Spotting Range is the actual range you can detect an enemy.
  • View Range is not strictly limited to 500m (it can go as high as 700m).
  • Spotting Range IS strictly limited to 500m.
So, go ahead and install both the binoculars and the coated optics to expand your view range. This is incredibly helpful for TD players. Wargaming is working on this and once fixed, they expect the view (and spotting) range to increase significantly.

Increasing View Range

You can increase your view range by:
  • Getting your crew skill to 100% or above.
  • Binocular Telescope (+25% if stationary for 6 seconds or more).
  • Coated Optics (+10% at all times).
  • Improved Ventilation (+6%).
  • Chocolate (and other nation-specific things that impact crew performance).
A common question is “Why do heavies have longer view ranges than my [tank?]”
This is mostly because heavier tanks historically had better observation devices, optics, and more suitable turrets. And overall, bigger/heavier tanks are taller than scouts/other tanks.


Camouflage is the art of hiding (or, in a way, reducing the enemy's view range). In World of Tanks, the chance of being spotted depends on vehicle size and engine specs. In terms of camouflage, bushes are more significant than vehicle size and engine specs.
The following things affect your vehicle's ability to hide;
  • While a vehicle's size plays the major role in determining the base camouflage coefficients, there is also an unknown balancing factor involved (yes, Wargaming is working on the messed-up German TD values).
  • Tank-Destroyer bonus (varies depending on the TD and it's size, but in general, for equally-sized TDs and Tanks, TDs are the hardest to spot, even after they fire a round).
  • Bushes (approximately a 15% camouflage bonus), but the tank must be FULLY hidden -- see graphic to the right). Bushes have no effect if the enemy is closer than 50 meters, except for TDs. Possible exception: TDs may have a lower chance of being detected vs auto-detected below 50 meters. A bushes' hiding-effect begins after 3 seconds of non-movement.
  • Moving (+20% increase to being spotted): moving faster or slower has no effect on the range you are detected at. Either you’re moving or you’re not moving.
  • Firing your gun makes you between 5%-40% easier to detect for 5 seconds -- possibly, depending on the installed gun. NOTE: if a bush is more than 15 yds from you, and between you and all enemy spotters, then you will not be sighted because your muzzle flash is blocked by the bush. A bush next to you or that you are in will not hide you in the case of shooting (ok, it helps after 5 seconds). HINT: Behind the bush is better than inside it. It not only allows you to shoot and stay well-hidden, but also because enemy SPG will try to find you by first shooting inside the bush.
  • Many higher-tier vehicles have tiny camouflage bonuses making crew camouflage skill and equipment bonuses nearly worthless, since they are percentage-based.

Turning the hull of the tank counts as moving and breaks both the Binocular Telescope and the Camouflage Net bonuses. Turning the turret or moving the gun does not count as moving (it does not break either the Binocular Telescope view range bonus or the Camouflage Net bonus). That's why, despite TD's bonus for camouflage is bigger, LTs, MTs and HTs are better for ambushing an enemy outside of your base.

Table Labels
  • Tarnwert = Camouflage
  • Fahrend = Driving
  • Stehend = Standing (stationary)
  • mit tarnnetz = With camouflage net
Detection Mechanics

The detection mechanics involve many things, resulting in not everyone understanding why there are invisible tanks killing you. A small TD with max crew camo-skill, camo net, and in a bush with a 2nd bush between them and you, will be invisible to about 50m. Charging through the woods when the enemy has TDs is often a good way to die quickly. A second factor is that the game doesn't always check visibility instantly, sometime it can be 5 seconds between updates. is presently working on improving all the visibility mechanics (mainly by improving the detection chance rate, the number of beams emitted, etc.). There is no hint that a major change is occurring, but more of an extensive improvement to get rid of the glitch cases.
The chance to be spotted is based on a Vehicle's total volume.
For Version To spot a tank, the game draws three “beams” from your turret mantle (not the end of the gun) to the enemy. One beam goes to the enemy turret (this is a high-beam). One beam goes to the front of the enemy tank (mid-height beam) and one goes to the rest of the enemy tank (lowest beam). If all three beams are blocked by impenetrable obstacles (house or rocks), then you are invisible (except at very close ranges). If all beams are blocked or pass through a bush (or tree), then you will have a reduced chance of being seen, not have any reduction to the range you can be spotted at.
  • Fallen Trees do not provide any cover at all.
  • Your gun barrel does not count against your camoflague, so it can be sticking out the front of the bush. As long as the body and turret of the tank (including the Gun Mattle) is covered, your getting the bush bonus. However, have in mind that the muzzleflash of your gunfire may light you up as a lamp afterwards.
Shooting (with greater extent) and moving your tank (+20% to be seen) could unmask your location for the next 5 seconds. Turning the turret has no effect on the cover provided by a bush!
This image may help understand the different region(s) of sight ranges: in this example, we have a 400 meter view range tank with 100% skilled crew:

  • Green region: Always seen everyone. 50 meters and below, you always see the enemy below this range, even through walls.
  • Yellow region: Hidden opponents region, 50-200 meters. An SU-14 hidden in/behind one bush, without camo net or camouflage skill, shows up at 200 meters. A mid-tier Tank-Destroyer (like the Hetzer or Su-85) with camo net and high camouflage skill can only be seen around 50 meters!
  • Blue region: Open field opponents region, 200-400 meters. An SU-14 in the open, without any kind of camo equipment or skill, shows up at 400 meters. A Hetzer with camouflage-skilled crew can be seen only from 200 meters.
  • Red region: Above sight range, 400+ meters. It is very, very difficult to spot anyone in this region.
Note: That is the main reason why TDs are so dangerous. Not only they can't be easily seen, but they also can hit an enemy pretty far.
  • Scout tanks are not penalized for moving, because their movement visibility value is the same as their standing-still value.
  • If you are less than 15m from the center of a bush, it won't be an obstacle to you (you can see through it!). Bush size matters: for example, if the body is hidden, but the turret is visible by the 'turret' ray, then your "cover" is not working. If you want to check and see if your cover is working for you, turn your camera where your suspected enemys are coming. If your outline is all greyed out, and your tank is fully-hidden by the bush, you are covered. Note: the gun barrel is not counted, only the body (and turret) of the tank.
Visibility Checks

How often does the game engine check visibility?
(Pre 0.6.4) Far-distance visibility is checked about every 10 seconds. Sometimes even sparsely. - out of visibility zone?
0.6.4 Changes
  • Visibility Check Point #1 -- Top, middle of Turret
  • Visibility Check Point #2 -- Gun Mattel of Turret
  • Visibility Check Point #3 -- Front Middle of the Tank Hull
  • Visibility Check Point #4 -- Rear, Middle of Tank Hull
  • Visibility Check Point #5 -- Right Side, Middle of Turret (added in 0.6.4)
  • Visibility Check Point #6 -- Left Side, Middle of Turret (added in 0.6.4)
(Pre 0.6.4) Visibility is checked on close tanks every second. With distance, check interval increases by up to 10 seconds. - inside visibility zone. Keep in mind that visibility checks are very intensive computational operations and may occupy up to 50% of a server's CPU time.
The rate of visibility checks is as follows:
* within 50 m range - every 0.1 sec
* within 150 m range - every 0.5 sec
* within 270 m range - every 1.0 sec
* within 445 m range (maximum indirect visibility range) - every 2.0 sec
View Range Ports
  1. The Commander's Coppula
  2. Where gun joins the Turret. It changes its location during turret traverse.
In general, the two view range ports take turns, e.g. for 445 radius: at first works the port on commander's coppula, 2 sec later - the one on the gun, then - on the coppula, etc.

When the vehicle is firing it loses camouflage bonus from all bushes within 15m radius, barring the one that has the greatest invisibility coefficient. This applies to each ray that goes from view range port to a visiblility checkpoint of the firing vehicle.


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so optics dont help you with spotting enemy tanks ??
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It helps.

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